2018 Year Ahead In-Depth (Email Reading - 6,000+ words)

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tarot cards

2018 Year Ahead In-Depth (Email Reading - 6,000+ words)


The 2018 In-Depth can be described as reflective, insightful, empowering and thorough! Regardless of when you purchase this reading, you can expect that it will be emailed to you the week before January 1st, 2018 i.e. December 25-31. It will arrive as a personalized PDF report jam packed (at least 6,000 words) with the following:

- A snapshot of each month, which will including 2 cards to suggest a) the dominant energy or what you can expect from that period and b) action/advice to get the most out of that period.

- Two additional cards will also be drawn. One to signify the energy that needs to stay behind in 2017 and one to signify the overarching energy of 2018.

- An additional oracle card will be pulled for your birthday month to represent your GIFT (i.e. possibilities) for your new personal year ahead.

- The ability to ask ONE burning question as part of your year ahead overview. It can be anything you like and the answer may be derived either from the information that comes forward during your wheel reading OR from a separate custom spread. Question can be open-ended, yes/no or related to timing.

- A numerological overview including the general energy of 2018 on a collective level and then an examination of your personal year numbers (will be dictated by when your birth date falls).

- Reflective prompts for you to use to set intentions for the year ahead.

- In addition to a month-by-month overview; holistic insight, overriding energy and trends will also be discussed.

- Images of all the cards drawn will be included in the final report.

Because I will be pulling so many cards to complete this report (at least 27), multiple decks will be utilized. 

Reminder: You will not receive this report until the week leading up to New Years. This is to allow myself the time to pace these readings as they will require quite a bit of time. There is also something magickal about those last few days before the year turns, and I think this reading will be most potent to take in, as you usher in that emerging energy.

Please note: This offering will only be available until the Dec. 15.

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