Not Your Normal Chakra Reading

Not Your Normal Chakra Reading


This is a 7 card spread I designed to look at your energy centres, let you know what I see going on and provide you advice to improve them. But the way I do this is a little different.

My exact technique can be learned here, but essentially when I pull your 7 cards, I’m not just discerning what is open and what is blocked, but also asking the following:

Card 1: Root: How you can create/maintain stability in your life.
Card 2: Sacral: The element which will aid you in lighting that divine spark of creativity, passion and inspiration.
Card 3: Solar: What you can do to embody confidence and express your will.
Card 4: Heart: What you need to let in, release, feel or heal.
Card 5: Throat: How you can continue to or start to speak your truth.
Card 6: Third Eye: Whose eyes you are being asked to see through or see with in order to. In other words, what sorts of attributes will allow you to see more clearly (both tangibly and psychically).
Card 7: Crown: A message from divinity and your higher self.

In addition to this, I will point out the centers that I intuit are either under-active, overactive or blocked so you can place added focus as you continue on your own spiritual journey.

Email/PDF readings are approx. 1200 words and will include an image of the cards drawn. (audio not available for this option)

Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your report.

Disclaimer: Readings are for those 18 years of age or older and are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice or information received in a reading should never replace the guidance of a professional in any specific field i.e. medical, legal, psychological, financial. I am not responsible for anything you do with the information you receive in a reading and I reserve the right to refuse any question I am not comfortable with.

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