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THURSDAY June 8th:

1. What is the greatest lesson tarot has so far taught you?
2. What is the biggest way tarot has so far changed your life or added to it?
3. What keeps tarot interesting and fresh through the years (or months if you're a newer reader)?

THURSDAY June 1st:

1. What was the first tarot book you read or owned?
2. What is your most referenced tarot book currently?
3. If you could recommend one tarot book for beginners, what would it be?

THURSDAY May 25th:

1. How do oracle cards fit into your practice (if at all)?
2. What is your most used oracle deck (if applicable)?
3. For those who do work with oracle, how do you select which oracle deck you’ll use for any given reading?

THURSDAY May 18th:

1. If you could read for anyone in the world (living or dead but not fictional) who would it be?
2. On the flip side, if you could have your cards read by anyone who would you choose (assuming money, time and location are no issue)?
3. Is your tarot practice something you openly share with those around you? Are there some people in your life who would be surprised by your use of it?

THURSDAY May 11th:

1. What feelings and thoughts does the concept of a "tarot deck collection" evoke in you?
2. Is there such a thing as owning too many decks, or not enough decks?
3. Do you think the  prevalence of deck images and sharing online creates a desire for  more decks? Are you affected? How do you handle it?

Submitted by Ania


For the following questions, either answer by consciously selecting your cards or shuffling and then drawing. Don't feel limited to court cards or Majors either! The minors could make for very legitimate and relevant selections here!

1. Who were you three years ago?
2. Who are you now?
3. Who are you striving to be?


1. Do you have certain decks that you only use for specific purposes?
2. When reading for another, in person, do you have them shuffle the deck at any point? why or why not?
3. As a reader, what would make  you (or why do you) seek intuitive services of another?


1. Do you/have you ever used tarot for dream interpretation and if so, do you have a go-to spread?
2. Have you ever had a strange dream about the cards? Share your wildest/weirdest one!
3. Do you keep cards or other tools close to your bed? If so, do you believe they have any impact to your sleep experience?


1. What is the deck that you're using the most these days?
2. How did you primarily learn to read tarot i.e. mentor, books, trial and error, online etc.?
3. When you're reading tarot, what, if any sources, do you believe you're connecting with?


1. What is your favourite type of inquiry to address for others? i.e. relationship, self development, life path/purpose etc.
2. Tarot certification - is this necessary? Would you pursue it (or have you) and overall thoughts on the matter?
3. Self-appreciation time! What, in your opinion, is your greatest strength as a reader? 


1. How would you refer to yourself as it relates to your practice? For example, I am a..."tarot reader", "witch", "intuitive", "tarot practitioner", "mystic" etc.
2. Stalker alert! What is one card that keeps making itself known to you, either presently or in the past? Why do you think it keeps showing up?
3. On the contrary, what is a card that you rarely pull for yourself in a reading? What do you think its absence is suggesting?


1. Scenario: You're reading for another, but your mind goes blank. None of the cards seem to "match" the inquiry and you're having a hard time interpreting what you're seeing - tips or strategies to overcome the situation?
2. If you were going to get a Tarot inspired tattoo, what would it be? Bonus points if you know where you'd get it!
3. What are your thoughts on PIPs or scene-less suit cards? Love them, hate them - I want to know what and why!


1. Classic deserted island scenario: You're stranded for a year on an island, but can bring along one companion. Who from the court family keeps you company?
2. What are off-limit topics for you; inquiries that make you say "I won't go there"? Or is anything fair game?
3. How do you get "in the mood" or mind-frame to read?


1. Does spell work have a place in your practice and if so, how?
2. What is the element you most identify with and/or enjoy working with and why?
3. Besides the cards, what are you favourite tools for divination and/or ritual?


1. What was it that initially sparked your interest with Tarot? 
2. Is it what you expected it to be and if not, in what ways were your expectations defied?
3. How do you primarily use Tarot? I.e. for divination, self-reflection, analysis, shadow work, ritual or something else?


1. If you could have your likeness immortalized on any one of the 78  Tarot cards, which would it be and why?
2. When reading for yourself, are you able to remain unbiased and if so, what tips can you share for others?
3. What is your least favourite deck in your collection and why?


1. How do you feel about the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS)?
2. What was your beginning deck?
3. Do all beginners need to start with the RWS (or clone), in your opinion? Why/why not?

Questions courtesy of Alaina


1. Reversals or nah?
2. If you could go back in time and give your novice self one piece of wisdom to fast track your tarot learning, what would it be?
3. What is your go-to spread?


1. What is your favorite tarot card and why?
2. What is your least favorite tarot card and why?
3. If you could be a tarot card (live in/personify/experience), which would it be and why?

Questions courtesy of Alaina


1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!
2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?
3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?

Questions courtesy of Vanessa


1. If you could design your own tarot deck and have it mass-produced, what theme would it have and what would it look like overall?
2. How do you feel about the Celtic Cross spread?
3. If you could have any deck in the whole world (that you do not already), which one would you pick and why? 

Questions courtesy of Ania


1. What do you do with a deck you don't connect with?
2. How long do you give yourself to connect with a new deck?
3. What consecration ritual(s) do you use with new divination tools?

Questions courtesy of Beth


1. How do you know when to stop shuffling?
2. Have you ever had a spooky or supernatural experience while working with the cards? 
3. Is there a card that you still struggle to interpret at times (maybe even dread when it pops up!)?