#tarotthursdaythree for 04/20/2017

Another installment of #tarotthursdaythree is upon us and this week's question set is all about dreams and their involvement in our tarot practices. Personally, my dream life has always been very immersive and vivid, so any chance to discuss this aspect of my spirituality is totally welcome.

1. Do you/have you ever used tarot for dream interpretation and if so, do you have a go-to spread?

Yes! I like to keep my dream readings simple and to the point, so I generally follow the "What, Why, How" formula. What is the dream about? Why am I receiving this message now? How can I apply this message practically? In November, Nisha and myself hosted a dreams & tarot challenge on social media, and if you want to learn more about techniques to recall your dreams and apply tarot in other ways, you can download our dreams & tarot guidebook available in the freebies section.

2. Have you ever had a strange dream about the cards? Share your wildest/weirdest one!

I don't know that I've had a strange dream, per say. I dream about the cards quite a bit, but it's usually fairly mundane and involves me reading or getting messages from the cards for myself. My most interesting experience was when I was really focusing on my tarot learning, and there was this period of about a week where all I remember was dreaming about the cards. But, it was as if I was learning via sleep because the dreams were just like, beings showing me the cards flash-card style. And I would wake up just so full of insight and information. It was a really weird time, but I credit it to finally clicking with all 78 cards in a really meaningful way.

3. Do you keep cards or other tools close to your bed? If so, do you believe they have any impact to your sleep experience?

My night stand consists of a couple tarot books, decks in the drawers and crystals - selenite and amethyst. I was playing with "sleeping with crystals" for awhile, but the only one that I experimented with that yielded any seeming results was amethyst. If I sleep with it under my pillow, I'm usually in for some really vivid and revealing dreams. I'm not sure if my nightstand does much for my dreaming though. It seems only effective if the stone is very very close to me. I've also always had really weird sleep experiences so it's also hard to know what effects that, since it seems to just happen on its own. I experience hypnagogia a lot, especially auditory hallucinations. So basically, I hear voices when I'm falling asleep. They say really boring things most of the time, but once it told me I would die and I've never fucking forgot that one. I was 19 at the time. Okay, I'm getting way off base...

I don't feel like wrapping this up all nice and neat so see ya'll next week!


Why My Bad Mood Isn't A Defect In My Spirituality & Neither Is Yours

I've been on a roller coaster this week and it's culminated with some residual anger and frustration that I haven't yet been able to shake. So the following ruminations come from this space not yet overcome and not yet seen with a matter of distance or perspective.

But, I'm actually okay with this. I know myself enough to know it will pass when it and I are ready and I don't, for a minute, think that a bad few days means I'm a phony spiritualist fronting one thing but feeling and thinking another. But I heard it today, and though likely off the cuff and benign, I played with the thought that perhaps this is what public (or even those close to us) believe. I know we of the spiritual, new age, metaphysically minded community are generally aware that no one is above a mistake, an overreaction or even a full on meltdown. In fact, I think most of us would be pretty suspicious of anyone claiming to be impervious to such normal human reactions. But, I heard it today and so I'm here to work through and share those resulting thoughts.

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#tarotthursdaythree for 04/13/2017

It's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree and I was late getting these questions up so I am appropriately late in answering them. Let's get started, shall we?

1. What is the deck that you're using the most these days?

My most versatile deck these days has got to me my Centennial Edition of the Rider Waite Smith. It's become my workhorse deck and physically, it's starting to show!

2. How did you primarily learn to read tarot i.e. mentor, books, trial and error, online etc.?

I definitely didn't have a mentor. My dad bought my first deck and had his own notes saved in binders, but I could barely read any of it. Partly because it was illegible and partly because it was above my level of comprehension. When I was younger and learning, the internet, residential anyway, didn't exist. I learned from books designed for the novice and even with that I struggled. In more recent years, I've learned best through doing. Reading for myself, trial and error, and the quick google search. It was mostly though consistency though and constant exposure to the cards, their meanings and symbols, did I become confident.

3. When you're reading tarot, what, if any sources, do you believe you're connecting with?

I believe no matter "who" you seek in a reading, you're always connecting with your higher self, by default. I think you can call in any number of helpers, and I think most of our guides probably hang around during these sessions whether we ask them to or not. But, just to be sure, I always do the formal invite before I begin to read, asking my higher self, the divine source and my guides to be present. I may also call on a specific Archangel, depending on how I'm feeling or the inquiry at hand.

And that's it! If you want to have a go at answering these questions, just copy and answer in your own forum. If you want to learn more about this weekly exercise, head on over here. Until next time!


Fortune Telling with the Sailor Moon CCG

When I was in High School, Tarot cards weren't the only things I was slinging. I was super into Anime (conventions yes, cosplay no) so I accumulated a shit ton of toys and collectibles, particularly Sailor Moon because that was my favourite and it was readily available. Luckily, I've managed to hold on to many things over the years, so I can still enjoy them to this day. 

Which brings me to the Sailor Moon CCG which was released in the late 90s; think Pokemon or Magic The Gathering. Obviously, I was all over it when it came out and the other day, while I was searching the basement, my collection resurfaced!

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#tarotthursdaythree for 04/06/2017

It's the very first #tarotthursdaythree for the month of April and I'm fashionably late! I'm going to make these answers pretty snappy this week - so don't get too comfy, you won't be here long.

1. What is your favourite type of inquiry to address for others? i.e. relationship, self development, life path/purpose etc.

For sure, anything in the realm of self-development and life path and purpose. I love helping people align themselves to their joys and passions and see their path as being always linked to these two things. I find naturally in my readings, especially if a question hasn't been posed, these are the sorts of items that tend to rise to the surface anyway.

2. Tarot certification - is this necessary? Would you pursue it (or have you) and overall thoughts on the matter?

I do not have any sort of Tarot certification and I'm not sure I ever felt totally compelled to pursue this. I'm self taught and yes, that is a bit like going the long way, but I'm comfortable with my journey and lack of accreditation. I'm not sure I'm necessarily anti-certification, just that it isn't for everyone, nor does anyone need to receive this in order to go forth with their practice. 

3. Self-appreciation time! What, in your opinion, is your greatest strength as a reader? 

I learned fairly quickly that aside from book meanings and intuitive messages, I am able to really easily see how cards bleed and blend into one another. I call it "reading in the flow" or taking a bird's eye view. Think of it like reading the cards as if they were a story without words. How does card one mimic the actions of card two? What does it mean to have repeated imagery among many of the cards? Why is that character turning his back to what's happening in the card next to him? Body language and interaction is a massive part of the way I read and something that comes very naturally to me so I would consider this one of my greatest strengths.

See, I told you this would be quick and painless! See you next week :)

And, as always, if you want to participate or contribute questions - check out all the details here!


#tarotthursdaythree for 03/30/2017

I'm late again, but as they say, better late than never! Today I'm tackling this past Thursday's three tarot themed questions. I don't think this one requires any fancy lead in, so let's just get right to it.

1. How would you refer to yourself as it relates to your practice? For example, I am a..."tarot reader", "witch", "intuitive", "tarot practitioner", "mystic" etc.

I'm yet to hammer this one out, but for my profile, bio or general description I will usually refer to myself as a Tarot Reader or Tarot Practitioner.  I absolutely do not resonate with the title of Witch (though I will sometimes include witchy tags on social media) and I agree with Ania when she talked about the term "intuitive" being a bit watered down. I also feel that while yes, I am an intuitive, I don't think labeling myself as such really explains what I do. Like, what would intuitive reading be as opposed to non-intuitive reading? Does that just mean you go strictly 100% by the book meanings? Sincere question! And the word "psychic" still doesn't sit perfectly with me. It's not because it's inaccurate, but because of what I feel the public perceives when you say "I'm psychic". First of all, I don't think being psychic is special or unusual. We all have the capacity to use our psychic senses. Sure, it comes more naturally to some and sure, some of us choose to access this part of ourselves, but that doesn't mean it's reserved for only a few. And finally, the word I most resonate with and feel accurately expresses my ability is "empath". I wouldn't go out of my way to explain this to a client before a reading though or lead with this title, because I'm not sure it really clarifies how I access my intuitive ability or work with the cards. But, it does inform a lot of my practice and how I approach it and the people I read for.

2. Stalker alert! What is one card that keeps making itself known to you, either presently or in the past? Why do you think it keeps showing up?

For about a year solid, maybe more, the 8 of Cups stalked the shit out of me. It prompted me to write a whole blog post about it, which is unusual for me since I rarely write posts about what I feel cards mean. More recently, The King of Wands stalked me through March and that was an energy I very much needed to work with to get through the month. I feel it letting up a bit, like, I got the message so it no longer needs to hammer it home. And I think that's how those stalker cards work...they're going to keep showing up until you get the message or make some change!

3. On the contrary, what is a card that you rarely pull for yourself in a reading? What do you think its absence is suggesting?

To answer this question, I actually grabbed the closest deck to me and went through the whole thing to pick out all the cards that have been hiding from me lately. From the Minor Arcana, I rarely pull the 5 of Swords. I guess I don't generally find myself, luckily, in the midst of much conflict. I'm fairly even tempered if not down right indifferent. I guess that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm feeling like it mostly helps me so we'll go with it that! From the Major Arcana, I rarely pull the Empress for myself. I'm not sure why exactly. I can't say I overly resonate with her - The High Priestess, The Hermit, Strength - those all seem more relevant to me, my personality and life's direction. But, I'm sure there are other reasons too why she keeps her distance. Let me meditate on that awhile.

How do you refer to yourself? What cards are stalking or avoiding you? I'd love to know! Comment below or copy and paste these questions into your own forum and answer away!

Until next time...


Divining our Life Path & Purpose

This entry and topic is born from challenge. This is something that had muddled around in my mind and through the process of thinking, over thinking, and thinking some more, I've finally come to a place in my practice where I know how to confidently tackle this pressing issue and commonly asked question: "what is my life path and purpose?"

Let me first take you back in time, a couple of years ago. It was close to my birthday and I wanted to order a reading for myself. This was before I was providing readings for others (besides friends and family) and prior to me being visible on social media. I looked around online and found someone who I vibed with and ordered a "life path and purpose" reading. The reader worked with the Life Purpose Oracle deck combined with meditation and angel work. It didn't take long to get my report back, and the results? Energy Healer. He also provided some suggestions, divinely inspired, to check out some course offerings and to select something that spoke to my soul. He said I shouldn't spend a lot of money and it wouldn't take much education, but it would be a good way to get my feet wet on a certain bracket of metaphysics that I was drawn to. Well, I didn't pursue energy healing per say, but I did immediately follow his other suggestion and let my gut and heart guide me. It was through this process that I found a spirit guide coach certification course and signed my ass up. I can say with certainty, this was a pivotal and changing moment for me. 

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#tarotthursdaythree for 03/22/2017

I am officially late to my own party here, but I'm placing no expectations to actually answer these questions on time. So far I've been pretty timely, but this week, there's just been a lot going on and a gal has got to prioritize. But now is time and so let's get to it - the #tarotthursdaythree for this third week in March - enjoy!

1. Scenario: You're reading for another, but your mind goes blank. None of the cards seem to "match" the inquiry and you're having a hard time interpreting what you're seeing - tips or strategies to overcome the situation?

I rarely have this problem when I'm doing remote email readings, however, every so often with the combined pressure of having someone RIGHT THERE, the mind can do funny things. I've learned though that this "going blank" has nothing to do with the cards and what they aren't saying and has everything to do with my own blocks and anxiety. And just knowing that, helps me work through this conundrum. So, I take a deep breath. I reassure myself that no one but me gives a shit about my process so I should take my time and do what I need to do to capture the message. Then, I look at the whole of the landscape and I find something that I can grasp on to. I use that as my focal point and build the story around the pieces that do make sense. If a card is really throwing me, I describe what I see in the card and what I know of the card and I will engage the querent - ask them questions to help me understand how the card may fit into the larger puzzle. But mostly it's not the card or the question - it's me - and I just need to take a breath and a moment and with that I usually find my way. Oh, and being grounded. Being in the moment and grounded really helps a lot in keeping those messages flowing!

2. If you were going to get a Tarot inspired tattoo, what would it be? Bonus points if you know where you'd get it!

Million dollar question. I know one day I will get a tarot inspired tattoo, but I will probably flip flop on the specifics of the design until the moment when I actually decide it's going to happen. I'm so in love with the Fountain Tarot and am so smitten with its beauty that I may lean toward an image from that deck - The Tower, The Star, The High Priestess, The Moon - I think any of those would translate well. This is seriously such a hard decision...

3. What are your thoughts on PIPs or scene-less suit cards? Love them, hate them - I want to know what and why!

I am not a massive fan of scene-less suits, but I don't mind decks that teeter the edge of PIP and full scenery, such as the Pagan Otherworlds. With that being said, I can appreciate the positives of pure PIPS. One being that I think it would really challenge you to rely more on intuitive flashes and two being that it would really place even more focus and significance on the Majors. Like, if a Major showed up in a sea of PIPS, that Major is going to POP and perhaps allow the reading to focus more on that area of soul concern/development. Anyway, I'm a real serious RWS enthusiast and I love what Pamela Coleman Smith brought to the suits in that regard. I'm not sure I could live without the storyboard, so the more scenes to build the tale, the better for me!

And that's a wrap. See you next week for another round!


#tarotthursdaythree for 03/16/2017

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree.

As always, this exercise is open to all bloggers with an interest in the metaphysical and so if you would like to take a crack at answering these questions, just copy and paste into your own forum and away you go!

Let's just get right to it then, shall we?

1. Classic deserted island scenario: You're stranded for a year on an island, but can bring along one companion. Who from the court family keeps you company?

Let's face it - I'd be useless in any scenario that included a deserted island, the apocalypse or weekend camping, for example. So, I'm going to need someone strong, with lots of energy and common sense who can tell, like, the difference between a good berry and a killer berry ... or whatever kind of food is available on uninhabited islands. For this reason, I'd bring the King of Wands; resourceful and confident - this king is the kind to take charge and lead the way. And since I do not know how to survive these sorts of outdoor adventure situations, I'm gonna need someone to build a hut, forage for food and figure out how to make indoor plumbing a thing. Reasonable expectations and I'm sure the King of Wands is up to the challenge!

2. What are off-limit topics for you; inquiries that make you say "I won't go there"? Or is anything fair game?

I definitely have questions that are off limits and I've had to, on more than one occasion, create boundaries and rephrase inquiries to flex to something I feel more comfortable with. The following is a list of "won't go theres" - please keep in mind this list may not be conclusive. Also, I wrote a post sometime back about drawing such lines and boundaries, so you can read more about that if you wish!
a) Health. I am not a health professional so I am not qualified to tell you if that persistent itch is something you  need to be more concerned about.
b) Prying. While discussion of others may unfold in relation to your reading, I won't outright answer the question "what is so and so thinking?" or "what's happening in so and so's life?" Why do you even want to know that, anyway?
c) Circumstances that I feel are very serious in nature. It's hard to capture everything that may qualify in this category. I can think of some examples I've had, but I don't feel comfortable to share them. So, we'll just keep this vague and hopefully you can use your imagination.
d) This doesn't so much qualify with clients who I don't know or who I've only had one encounter with, but for those who ask the same question over and over again, I would say "I'm done going there". The better question is, why do you keep asking the same question? 
e) If I suspect there is something bigger going on or if the person needs support that is outside the score of Tarot, then I may shut down the reading and refer them elsewhere or suggest they reach out for more specialized support - in the kindest way possible, of course.

3. How do you get "in the mood" or mind-frame to read?

There is definitely something to be said for "setting the stage" - I actually wrote a post about this too awhile back. What is setting the stage? It's having access to my favourite tools, adjusting the environment, lighting my favourite incense and sitting in meditation for a bit before I start. I've started putting on meditation music in the background using the Insight Timer app, which is actually such a nice touch. There is this Ocean Waves one that I go to all the time and it really has a way of getting me in the zone. Sometimes before I read, I don't necessarily feel ready or in the mood or whatever. However, I have readings to do and so I have to get in that zone, but the amazing thing about tarot is that even if I don't feel perfectly in the mood before I start, as soon as I go through those above steps, everything shifts. I've never sat down for a reading and continued that reading thinking "I wish I wasn't doing this right now". And rest assured, if that was my mentality, I would walk away from the cards and come back at a better time because no one  needs to be on the receiving end of a reading like that!

That's a wrap, ya'll. See you next week!


Reading in the Flow - An Exercise To Expand Your View

A while back I wrote a post about reading in the flow. I wanted to just title it "storyweaving with Tarot", but decided against that because I didn't want to confuse this holistic method of reading tarot with using the cards to assist with novel writing (also a very valid way to use this tool). And so while I think the cards can weave an excellent story, it's not actually a "story" they're showing, per say, but a glimpse into your own mind, environment and life. So I suppose, it's a bit of a non-fiction story then, if we're to use the term.

And if you look at the cards like a story board, sticking with this analogy, then what you begin to see are connections that exist beyond any one singular card and its immediate definition. In a group, each card expands and plays off the others. In this post, I'll be showing you my method for taking a big step back and looking at the landscape of a spread with a birds eye view.

To those new to reading tarot, this may not come intuitively at first. After all, it's a lot of effort to memorize and begin to understand 78 cards, but having to read them in conjunction with the other cards drawn around them can create whole new challenges. But, the good news is, you won't need another book or set of rules to help you with this one - just the ability to look.

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#tarotthursdaythree for 03/09/2017

Hello fellow tarot lovers and mystics. It's Thursday, so we're back with another round of #tarotthursdaythree. I'm going to keep this intro. short because I think most people who visit my page are getting pretty familiar with this Thursday ritual, and speaking of ritual, our question set this week is all about spells, ritual and the tools we use for crafting or card reading.

If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can read more about it here. And don't forget, not only is this exercise open to all mystical bloggers across all platforms, but I also invite anyone interested to submit their own questions for use on an upcoming Thursday.

Let's get to the questions!

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Tarot Spread: Sun, Moon, Star & Shadow

The tarot spread that I'm going to share with you today is one that I use when performing my Pathwalker reading for others. I typically perform it at the start of the reading to get a nice snapshot of what strengths and particulars my querent is dealing with in the moment. It is meant to be personal, insightful and reflective. I then go on to perform the rest of the reading made up of a few different components, but it occurs to me that this small 4 card spread can be a total standalone - and so I wish to share it with you! 

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Tarot Blog Appreciation Post

The other day a link landed in my inbox - Top 75 Tarot Websites And Blogs For Tarot Card Readers. Interesting...and I was happy to see, as I scrolled through it, so many familiar faces who I've come to know through the magic of the internet, particularly social media. I was even more shocked to discover that this humble blog made the list!

Well, I wasn't expecting that, but I'll certainly take it so thank you very much. While Tarot has been a love of mine for a very long time, this spot only came into being just over a year ago. You can still read my first ever post and the intention behind it. At the time, I honestly didn't know if I would be able to keep it up. I'd started and stopped things in the past, so I almost prayed that this time would be different. Of course I turned to Tarot for guidance and I was continually shown the Sun during this period and I knew exactly what it was saying. If I was going to do this thing and it was going to grow, it needed sunlight and that meant, I couldn't keep it hidden. I had to approach it as openly and honestly as I knew how and just be exactly who I was. It needed to be an utterly true expression, even if it made me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I'm so grateful to all of you who stop by or care to read my perspective on any of this. I also strongly recommended you check out the rest of the list because there are some seriously awesome blogs included- you won't be disappointed!



#tarotthursdaythree for 03/02/2017

Hello Tarot and Mystical Bloggers! It's March, can you believe it? I don't know about in your corner of the world, but here, something about the air is making it feel rather Springish. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Either way, it's definitely Thursday, so that means it's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree. This question set has us going back in time to relive what it was that got us into Tarot. What sparked our interest? Was it what we thought it would be? How did it defy our expectations and how do we primarily use it now? 

If you are a Tarot blogger or enthusiast and want to take a crack at answering these questions, just copy and paste them into your own forum and share away. If you have no idea what this is all about, but want to learn more, you can read about it here. And as for my answers, you can find those after the cut.

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#tarotthursdaythree for 02/23/2017

Welcome back, mystical bloggers! It's time for another round of #tarotthursdaythree. For those unfamiliar, each Thursday I feature 3 questions for you to copy, paste and answer in your own blog. This exercise is open to any and all, so feel free to jump in and join the fun! The questions always carry a theme of tarot and related metaphysics and I do take question submissions from others. So, if you want to send in your own, please fill out the form and I'll be in touch!

Let's get right into this week's questions...

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Updates & Additions

Just a quickie post to highlight a handful of updates and additions!

For starters, there is a new download available in the Freebies section all around dreamwork. It’s essentially an amended guide from the challenge Nisha and myself hosted back in November. The PDF contains tips for dream recall, information on altered states of dream consciousness, crystals, spreads for dream analysis and a template to help you with journaling. 

I’ve also added a new reading style to my services page that may be of interest. It’s called “Choices” and you can find it under the Themed Email Readings section. This one is designed to examine the energy of two paths with the the goal of assisting in the decision making process. It will highlight positives, negatives and the possible culmination of where each choice may lead. It’s an excellent option to shine a light when you’re at a crossroads, and while I can’t tell you which path is "better", understanding the surrounding energy may help you know what’s right for you.

Pull Pen Paint is also fast approaching, so for those who are interested, you still have until March 5th to catch the early bird special. There are 12 teachers in total delivering modules on topics of their choice with art, journaling, tarot and spirituality in mind.  I recently did a guest blog post on exploringlyyours.com all about my topic of choice, so if you want a little sneak peak at what the course will elaborate on, you can read all up on Spirit Guides and start to understand methods to connect this energy with your current practice.

That's all for now. To connect with me and learn more about what I'm working on and sharing in the moment, you find me on Instagram.

Until next time...


#tarotthursdaythree for 02/16/2017

Well wouldn't you know, it's Thursday again and we're back for another #tarotthursdaythree. And it is a bit like deja vu not just for the sudden passing of time but also because Alaina of Exploringlyyours.com is back with another question set. I'm actually really excited about these because they're all about one of my very favourite decks, the classic Rider Waite Smith. As much as I enjoyed answering these questions, I'm even more so looking forward to reading other's perspectives.

Today is also Pamela Coleman Smith's birthday so these questions are actually very timely. In honour of her artistry and vision, I offer you my answers under the cut. And I also would love to hear your thoughts on this classic - love it or hate it, I want to know!

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"Closing Down" and the Act of Energetic Protection

When I was quite young and started playing around with an Ouija board, my dad would tell me to visualize white light around me or even, draw a circle of salt on the floor surrounding the area. He said this was a protective measure, and seeing as he had such little regard for the mess the salt made, I went with it. While my methods have evolved over the years, this was my first introduction to protecting myself while I practiced divination. I've found though that with this work, it's a lot more than just keeping "bad spirits" away, and it has much more to do with keeping my energy separate from those around me. So protection is good, but learning to close down is even better. 

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#tarotthursdaythree for 02/09/2017

While I'm finding myself more conscious of the passing of time with this exercise, I'm also noticing an increase in blogging in general since we've started. I think the weekly prompts have taken some of the pressure off, because it's like, if I don't have the motivation to type up something else from my list of content, then I know at least I'll have this to fall back on. It would seem that may lead to a whole lotta #tarotthursdaythree and not much else, but actually, I think the very act of weekly writing has created some better habits with blogging on a whole. So yes, it's been fun, but it's also been damn productive!

For those unfamiliar with the process, this exercise is open to anyone with a blog or forum to express and an interest in tarot or related metaphysics. All you need to do is take the questions and answer them for yourself wherever your presence is, whether it be Social Media, your website or even YouTube. To learn more, submit your own questions or to see past prompts, click here.

Okay, let's get on to the questions!

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Predicting Probability with Tarot (Yes, No, Maybe So)

For many tarot practitioners, we understand the value in a well constructed question. In fact, if a question isn't clear enough, I'll reach out to my client to rework it so it's more succinct. The philosophy states, the better the question, the better the answer, and so many a great readings start with a well thought out and fully formed question.

But what about those times when you just want a straight forward, yes or no response!? Damn it tarot, I just want to know if I'm gonna get that job or not!

Okay, here's the thing. There is something inherently problematic about a closed ended question where Tarot is concerned, and that's that it doesn't allow any room for grey. I am a firm believer in free will, but I also understand energy and trajectory, so while I think it's possible that Tarot can show us the "likelys", the future isn't set in stone, and so there must always be room for the "maybe". Even if the answer is "yes", it's always a "yes" with a caveat. So, how can you determine probability using tarot? Well, keep reading and I'll show you!

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