New Moon in Scorpio - A Playlist


The other day, my friend was sharing her horoscope with me and in that forecast, it asked her this question: If you could be any other sun sign, which would you be? She didn't have a response, but when she flipped the tables on me, I answered swiftly and with certainty; I would be a Scorpio. I have a little bit of Scorpio in my chart, granted. Both my Jupiter and Saturn are in Scorpio - so, that's something, I guess. And my rationale isn't completely fleshed out but essentially, I think the sign is badass and I'd like a little more edge in my profile - lol.

Anywho, while I skipped the Full Moon in Taurus when it comes to these playlists, I couldn't pass up diving into the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio, which will be active in the sky November 18th. The truth is, this was the quickest selection of songs I've ever whipped together and the only challenge I had was narrowing it down to the standard 20 tracks that I like to keep these things to.

In terms of the mix of music, I tried to make it sexy and intense - though I fear even saying that out loud makes it markedly less sexy and intense. Regardless...I do hope I've done the sign justice, but if not, I'm sure you Scorpios won't hesitate to let me know.

Artists Featured: The Normal, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Beach House, alt-J, GarbageDuran Duran, Einstürzende Neubauten, FKA Twigs, Frank Ocean, Ghost Poet, Kavinsky, Miss Kitten, Portishead, Tricky, Weaves, The Weeknd, Desire, Majical Cloudz, The Doors

Full playlist below - Happy New Moon!

In-Depth With The Page of Pentacles

In-Depth With The Page of Pentacles
"Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning." -Roy T. Bennett

It's been over a year since I've done an in-depth, but today I felt compelled to pull together another. I'd love to eventually have a full section on this site devoted to card meanings - but this will be a slow process and I'm not setting any tangible deadlines.

For today's selection, I threw it to spirit and asked what card I should focus on. Spirit responded with the Page of Pentacles and so, that is the card we'll be tackling! So, who is the Page of Pentacles and what may his presence indicate in the context of a tarot reading? Pages are typically considered one of three things. 1) An actual physical person in the seeker's life (or the seeker themselves) 2) Attributes that are symbolically relevant to the reading or 3) A messenger (more on that one later).

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Soundtrack Through The Arcana - Temperance

Soundtrack Through The Arcana - Temperance

We are now at the 15th installment in this series and you know what that means? Only 63 cards left to go! Haha - that's so many...but I am somewhat determined to see it through. Even if it takes me until 2037.

Anyway, today we're having a listen to Temperance. This Arcana is all about the themes of moderation, balance and harmony. It speaks to the various lessons in our lives that play out over and over which tell us to not over- or under do anything. In order to achieve health of body, mind and spirit - we must act in moderation.

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Delivering A Memorable Email Reading Part 2 - The Reader's Perspective

Delivering A Memorable Email Reading Part 2 - The Reader's Perspective

The last time we broached this topic, it was from the perspective of how to ensure your client (or seeker) will get the most out of a reading delivered to them via email. This time, I’m turning the tables to provide you, the reader, some key points to consider to ensure that you too will get the most out of the readings you perform. Why? Because if you want to do this, with any frequency and with the goal of sustainability - you better freakin’ enjoy what you’re doing!

I learned through trial and error for myself what worked for me and what didn’t. I also learned what I could and should expect from myself and what I could reasonably do given the time and resources available to me. This, of course, is entirely personal and so rather than tell you how to structure things, I’m simply going to raise some points for your own consideration. These are things that I learned the hard or long way and so now as I reflect back, I think, “yeah, I should have thought about that from the start!".

But alas, I live and learn and today, I take those livings and learnings and I present you with Delivering A Memorable Email Reading Part 2: The Reader’s Perspective. (I need a more succinct title!)

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Trick or Treat: Halloween Roundup

The spookiest day of the year is upon us and it's always a little bitter sweet because on one hand, many of us look forward to this day but just as quickly, not only is it over, it's November! Ugh, let's not even talk about it. 

Many years ago, Halloween was an all out affair of elaborate parties and dressup for me, but these days it's much more calm. I'll be spending the evening out with my son collecting candy from around our neighbourhood and then when he's not looking, I'll take some of the less favourable stuff because listen, I need some sugar too.

Whether or not you have big plans or none at all, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your day. It's the perfect time for silent reflection, ritual and meditation as much as it is for getting out and socializing.

Because I've been really busy working on upcoming content, I haven't come up with any new or innovative offerings for you all to mark the day, so I hope just a couple links and discounts will do!

For starters, with the veil nicely thinned, it would be a perfect time to connect with your guides or crossed loved ones. To help make this just a tad bit easier, I'm offering a discount on my Spirit Guides course for a limited time at just $15. Learn more about what it entails or purchase if it calls to you!

Speaking of the thinning of the veil, I recently wrote a post about connecting with spirit using tarot. It touches briefly on concepts that we explore much more thoroughly in the course outlined above, and while it's only a primer, it's enough to get communicating today!

Last year I made a High Priestess Halloween Music Mix. I swore I would update it sometime between now and then, but unfortunately it's been gathering cobwebs instead. That doesn't mean it rocks any less though! Check it out if you need 66 spooky tunes to carry you through the day!

And finally, here is a Monster Movie inspired spread I'm also pulling out of last year's truck! Picture of layout is below followed by what each position means.


1. Main character (The seeker)
2. Setting/season (This card indicates what season the movie is filmed and also the area of your life your monster is occupying. Pentacles = Winter/Earthly matters, Swords = Spring/Matters of the mind or communication, Wands = Summer/creative or ambitious matters, Cups = Autumn/emotional matters. If you pull a Major Arcana, the issue may be taking up multiple areas and span many seasons)
3. Cast (Friends, family or foes - this is the other player (or players) in this drama)
4. Big Bad (The monster at large i.e. lurking shadow, overarching challenge or conflict in your life)
5. The Confrontation (How you can overcome or tame the beast)
6. Moral of the Story (The lesson(s) you stand to learn)
7. Final Scene (You at the end of the movie and any potential growth that may occur as a result)

I hope you enjoyed the spread and if you give it a whirl, I'd love to know how your movie unfolded!

Have an hauntingly happy Halloween!

Dream States: The Space Between Sleep

Dream States: The Space Between Sleep

Sleep is a funny thing. We all do it and yet, we never really regularly compare notes. Growing up, I assumed my experiences with sleep and dreams were the same as everyone else's. I'm not saying they weren't, for the most part, but it's hard to distinguish what is common with what is perhaps more unusual if the experience is everyday (or, every night as this topic would have it).

Dreams for me have forever been a spiritual experience. I was always curious about this state and thought a lot about my adventures upon waking. Even as a kid, I'd wonder what they meant and dig for hidden context. In this post, I'm going to highlight various dream states that I personally experience, and provide my thoughts both on what they mean, how they can be achieved (if desired) and what to do with them once you're there.

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New Moon in Libra - A Playlist


Today, October 19th, signals the new moon in Libra and I've crafted a very special playlist as homage to some of my favourite 80's tracks. I've been deeply involved in a love affair with a certain brand of music from that era for many years, and so with Libra being ruled by Venus - the planet of love, this is my love letter to the tracks that have gotten me through the best and worst times. While I'm always selecting music that I personally enjoy, I've also tried to keep to the themes of balance and relationships, particularly working through those often times complex interpersonal dynamics. But it's still all very danceable - so that's a plus!

Feel free to have a listen, dance along or let the tunes carry you trough any ritual you plan to embark on. 

Artists Featured: Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Peter Murphy, The Psychedelic Furs, Visage, Tears For Fears, When In Rome, Erasure, The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Duran Duran, David Bowie, General Public, New Order, 'Til Tuesday, Fiction Factory, A-Ha, The Tear Garden, Q Lazzarus

Full playlist below - Happy New Moon!

Deck Impression: The Enchanted Tarot 25th Anniversary Edition

Deck Impression: The Enchanted Tarot 25th Anniversary Edition

If you've been in the tarot world for awhile, and unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly stumbled upon a widely known and regarded deck called The Enchanted Tarot, illustrated by Amy Zerner and written by Monte Farber. Now I don't mean you've owned it or even worked with it, but you've probably come across some of its images in your travels at one point or another. 

It's now been 25 years since its initial release and to commemorate, the deck has been repackaged with a few tweaks to breath it new life. I'm in the camp that certainly knew of this deck and had seen it through the years, but never actually worked with it. So when I came into the opportunity to receive it for prospective review, I was thrilled to dive into without any prior knowledge and to provide, truly, my first impressions of this modern classic.

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Reading In The Flow - Join In The Live Workshop Nov. 5!


Reading in the flow is a method I've been talking about since I started documenting my tarot journey online nearly 2 years ago. In small snippets, I would share a series of cards (usually 3) and engage others to weave together the story-board like connections. I knew for me personally, when I began to see the relationship between the cards, it both expanded my understanding of tarot as a tool and allowed me to get a hell of a lot more information out of a spread.

In September, I delivered a live workshop all about this method to the wonderful Pull Pen Paint community brought together by Kiala Givehand. To me, this live format made the most sense for this material, given the visual nature of it, and it is for this reason that I decided to repackage it and make it accessible to all of you. So mark your calendars because on November 5th from 1pm-2:30pm EST, I'll be live and talking tarot to all who grab a seat for the show.

Now, you may be asking, what exactly is "reading in the flow"? Essentially, it is about moving beyond the singular card and its singular meaning, and training yourself instead to read a spread at large. It's such an exciting leap to make because it means there are nearly endless combinations of stories the cards can tell. It's also a nice break from having to rely on those book meanings and memorization alone. Yes, knowing what the cards means is helpful, but for this method of reading, all you really need to be able to do, is see. See how the cards interact. See how the cards repel. See what the characters in the cards are doing - where they are looking - how they are posturing (I could go on and on...but we'll save that for the live!)  

An example of 3 cards using the method of reading in the flow. How are the cards similar? How are they different? What is the body language suggesting? How does the story unfold?

An example of 3 cards using the method of reading in the flow. How are the cards similar? How are they different? What is the body language suggesting? How does the story unfold?


In the session, we'll break down the structure of the tarot deck to start - I call this the first layer. It's a very quick way to understand the cards based on basic associations. After that, we'll practice taking that bird's eye view of a spread at large and I'll share with you what I look for, how I find it, and what it means to me. 

Because the workshop is live, you'll be able to follow along, ask questions, or even if you're feeling brave, share your cards and what you've been able to discover and connect. I want it to be very comfortable though and so there is no pressure to participate and share. Simply come and watch and learn - this is for you!

Even if you can't make it to the live, no worries. It will be recorded and everyone will have access to the replay. In fact, once we wrap up, everyone who signed up for the course will receive an email from me with a link to the video plus a complimentary PDF guide of the material we covered. This way, we have all bases covered!

There is plenty more we'll be discussing and lots to learn - I do hope you'll join us! You can learn more and sign up on the course page - we're still in early bird pricing until the 17th so get it while it's hot! I am so looking forward to connecting with all of you who have so far signed up and sincerely hope to see many more of you on board!

With love,

p.s. you'll definitely want to bring your cards to the session! I'm going to recommend Tarot over oracle (though the method works both ways) since some content will be tarot-specific. I'll be working with the Rider Waite Smith because of its strong story visuals, but you can select whatever deck you are comfortable with or use most frequently.

Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Hanged Man

Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Hanged Man

This is now the 13th installment in this series and today we're tackling the ever suspended Hanged Man. While this card often depicts themes of stasis, restriction and delay, I've selected a track that I feel captures the visual and literal feel of the card - a moment of pause where possible death looms. It is in this moment you have the choice to see a situation from another perspective. Perhaps this perspective is forced by your position (being upside down), or having to face something difficult - a transition or deep change.

Death follows the Hanged Man in tarot and so their connection is undeniable. Whether it's actual death or simply the marked end of something, The Hanged Man is a moment of stillness before we embark on that next leg of the journey. What we see, feel, or think in that space is what I see reflected in this track, which is why I've selected it for this spot.

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Say What!? When The Cards Disappoint

Say What!? When The Cards Disappoint

When reading for oneself, you will inevitably come into a situation where the cards deliver a message that's difficult to swallow. Usually I'm pretty chill about these occurrences, so the other day, when I decide to do a simple reading checking in on a certain something, I thought it would be fine. My question was straightforward: What advice did spirit have for me regarding the situation and what would the outcome be if I heeded the advice? No big deal, right? - Wrong. I was already more invested in this outcome than I cared to admit, and so when the first card I turned over was the ever blunt "Not For You" from the Wisdom of the Oracle, I was taken a back.

What do you mean, "Not For You"? I've already decided this is for me though, I just wanted some simple advice on next steps! Usually I'm not so surprised by the cards. Usually I have a pretty good handle on things and set my expectations accordingly, but today - today, I was simply not prepared.

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Using Tarot to Communicate with Spirit

Using Tarot to Communicate with Spirit

Tarot has many uses, and one day I intend to write a blog post detailing the ones I go to most commonly, but today, I want to tackle just one - communicating with spirit.

Before we get into techniques, I first want to distinguish this method of using tarot from regular spirit-chat when it comes to divination or reflective readings. When I'm doing a reading, especially for others, I often refer to the messages received as having "come from spirit". So, when I send email reports out, I'll have lines that read "spirit says..." or "spirit wants you to know...". This is not me specifically communicating with a deceased loved one, for example, but simply put, I use the word "spirit" to describe a large body of otherworldlyness - i.e. your spirit guide team, your higher self, the divine source etc.

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Full Moon in Aries - A Playlist


October 5th marks the full moon in Aries and so I've carefully curated a playlist of tunes that I think maybe, kind of, fit the vibe? Aries is a fire sign and represented by the Emperor in the tarot deck. When I think of the sign, I assume it must always get what it wants for no other reason than sheer determination alone. This makes Aries powerful, but power can rise and fall and there are many reasons why we can see dips and dives in this way. Is our confidence shaken? Are there external influences at play? Is fear rearing its ugly head again? With the full moon, now is the time to embrace and step in fully and boldly to the selves we know and the dreams we have. 

Anyway, feel free to have a listen, follow along or let the tunes carry you trough any ritual you plan to embark on. 

Artists featured: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flume, Kanye West, Moderat, La Roux, Santigold, Robyn, Vince Staples, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Beyonce, Tove Stryke, Portugal. The Man, The Doors, Kasabian, Duran Duran, Pixies, TV On The Radio, Rasputina, Tones On TailLe Tigre

Full playlist below - enjoy!

Embracing The Change: An Update on Readings & Other Services


At the beginning of 2017, I did a spread for myself to focus in on the business side of my practice. There were probably 6 tarot cards and a couple oracle, but the two that stood out the most were as follows: The World in my focus spot and the High Priestess reversed in my shift focus spot. I knew immediately what the cards were telling me, but the process of figuring out exactly what that meant, tangibly for my business, has taken a little longer to sort through.

Last month, after an intense period of shadow shit and feeling as if I couldn't bring myself to do anything, I put my reading services on a hiatus. I needed the time to recalibrate and I'm fortunate that readings are not my sole means to make money - so the option was available to take pause. In the last 30 days, it's become more clear than ever just where the direction of my services are headed. I've said many times that what we do must be in alignment with our highest self and our greatest joy. If we do so, we can ensure that we will show up for this thing everyday with the passion, skill and enthusiasm required to make it be a success; for ourselves and for those who we serve. With this in mind, I've made the decision to remove readings as a purchasable service (for now!) and focus my efforts on mentoring, teaching and course/content development. This doesn't mean I will stop doing readings altogether - but before we get to that, you'll notice that there is a new link on the top header labeled "Mentoring" and it is here where you can purchase 75 minute, fully customized one-on-one sessions with me to help take your learning and practice to the next level. 

I've been using tarot for most of my life, and there were many points in my development where I wished there was someone who could help me see what the next steps were or what I was missing. It took me years to navigate this on my own and yes, I think there is something to be said for forging your own path, but on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with learning from someone else - someone who has been there. I don't just want to tell you what I see anymore, I want to help you see it for yourself. I've been a professional trainer and coach outside of tarot for the last 12 years and if there is one thing I am confident of it's my ability to hear your needs and meet you where you are. I know not every student is a good match for every mentor and vise versa, so on the new service page there is a comprehensive list of what I can assist with and also what I cannot.

As far as readings go, I am open to sort of ad hoc requests. So, if you're someone who has had a reading with me before (or not) and would like another, I would encourage you to contact me and I will see if I have any availability. In addition, I will do the sporadic flash sale on Instagram as well as more freebie mini reads for fun and as time allows. Make sure to follow me to keep up to date on all of that.

I hope that helps explain the reason for my change in direction and I am so excited for what this next chapter will bring. I love you all - my fellow seekers and spiritual travelers and I don't say it enough, but I truly and sincerely appreciate all of you who take the time to read my posts and engage in whatever way you can. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me.

With love, gratitude and magick,
Julia Eve

Tarot Spread: Past, Present, Future, Focus

I haven't shared a tarot spread in a long while so I thought I'd put focus today on my 5-card go-to. I call this spread Past, Present Future, Focus and it's incredibly versatile because you can use it in cases where there is a question, but also in cases where there is not; the general "tell me anythings".

As a reader, one of my stumbling blocks can be quickly crafting something to perfectly suit the situation when I'm with a person live. With this spread though, it's as if I always have something in my back pocket that I know will apply to just about any inquiry.

Below is an image of the card placements and following that I will describe in more detail what each spot represents.


Card 1. Past influences that are impacting the present.

Card 2. What is happening presently that the seeker needs to be aware or an aspect of the present that the reading is addressing.

Card 3. Possible future outcome based on trajectory.

Card 4. In regards to the situation or themes uncovered in the first 3 cards, this card represents what the seeker should place focus on in order to get the most desired results.

Card 5. In regards to the situation or themes uncovered in the first 3 cards, this card represents what the seeker should remove focus from in order to get the most desired results.

As it pertains to card 3, The Future, the seeker should note if the outcome indicated is desired or not. If not, then the focus cards should serve as immediate action that can be taken to correct the situation. If the outcome depicted is quite desirable, then it is likely the seeker is already on the right path, and following the advice of cards 4 and 5 will only heighten the desired results. It may also validate the actions the seeker is currently taking or indicate that the focus cards are already being achieved or would be easy to - basically, the seeker should stay the course!

This spread is quick, fairly simple and easily applied to most any situation. I'd love for you to give it a whirl and if you do, let me know what you think!

Until next time,


Deck Preview: True Black Tarot

Deck Preview: True Black Tarot

I'm lucky enough to be able to write this blog post because that means I've got my hands on the prototype of a brand new tarot deck by designer Arthur Wang; True Black Tarot. It's currently being funded on Kickstarter so if it calls to you, make sure to check out the campaign!

Because I'm working with a prototype, I can't tell you how a full deck reads, but I can give you my initial impressions on what I've been able to sample. Visually, it's nothing short of stunning - but that's just on first glance. They say the Devil is in the details and if that's the case then Satan himself must have a hand in this project. Everything has been done with such care and quality, and the more you look at each card, the more you see, but there is more here than just design. The cards themselves are crafted with very thick stock using enhancements that allow some details to seemingly shimmer and glow. There are no borders (often a preference for us readers) and the edges are hand-painted black - yes, hand-painted. I'm obsessed - and I think you will be to. I mean, just LOOK AT THEM!

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New Moon in Virgo - A Playlist


Is this becoming a thing? I don't know, but I had a lot of fun making a playlist for the last Full Moon so I figured, what the hell. Below I present you with a curated mix of music for this New Moon in Virgo. I've tried to capture those Earthly vibes and themes of healing, cleansing and purification with the 20 tracks selected. And for some reason, we have a lot of covers again. Feel free to have a listen, follow along or let the tunes carry you trough any ritual you plan to embark on. 

Artists Featured: Arcade Fire, Perfume Genius, Maggie Rogers, SiaJosé González, Bon Iver, Steve Hackett, Azure Ray, Magic Wands, Alabama Shakes, The Shins, Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, Lana Del Ray, Solange, This Is The Kit, Lumineers, Vance Joy, Iron & Wine, Neutral Milk Hotel.

Full playlist below - enjoy!

How Does Tarot Work? I Don't Know, But I Have 4 Theories!

How Does Tarot Work? I Don't Know, But I Have 4 Theories!

Maybe you've been reading the cards awhile or perhaps you just started - whatever boat you're in, have you ever stopped to consider why or how the cards work? The truth is, no one can tell you for certain, but I have a few theories which we'll get to in a moment! In fact, I believe all of the following ideas to be contributing factors as to why/how a tarot reading works. This means that there doesn't have to be just one answer and it also means that this is in no way a conclusive list. These theories may ring true for you or you may have your own ideas that explain how tarot works and that is all perfectly acceptable and valid. 

So, without further ado, I'll now present you with 4 reasons that may explain why/how tarot works.

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