Quick Facts:

In a Nutshell: Spirit Guide Enthusiast, Tarot Reader, Intuitive, Empath, Seeker
Homebase: Niagara Region - Ontario
Favourite Decks: Fountain Tarot, Rider Waite Smith, Zombie Tarot
Astrologically: Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising
Numerology: Life Path 9
Myers Briggs: INFJ
Other Stuff: Lover of space, wine and weird 80's synth pop. Mother to boy + cat

Hi! I'm Julia Eve. I like to say that my interest in the supernatural, occult and metaphysical is written in my DNA. Why? Because I genuinely do not remember a time when my inner compass pointed anywhere but those directions. As a young child, I spent my free time trying to talk to spirits (as opposed to the neighbourhood kids that actually wanted to play) and reading books about divination, magick and ritual. But, truthfully this was made easy by virtue of being born into a family with an affinity and inclination toward the spiritual. My father was an astrology and my grandmother loved her tea leaves so luckily, my interests were not so out there for those closest.

How does tarot fit into all of this? Well, when I was 10 years old I received my first deck (The Servants of the Light) and the passion and curiosity that ignited in that moment, quite simply, never went away! Of course, forging a truly meaningful understanding and relationship with the cards didn't happen overnight. It took many years, loads of distractions and just as many missteps to cultivate the style and philosophy that works for me today. And that passion and curiosity I mentioned, it exists because tarot is more than a divination system to me; it's an art form, a communication tool, and one of my greatest inspirations. Using tarot isn't about a need to see into the future; it's more a way to shine a light on myself and see clearly the things I already, intuitvely, know. Yes, I do believe that tarot can show us the unknown and the not yet developed, but I like to regard this as providing direction rather than definitives. What this means is that tarot can allude to the probably and the likely however, the future isn't written in stone.

So, if my story, vibe or presence is something that resonates  - I'd love to work with you! Need a reading? I'm your gal. Want to connect or collaborate? If it's a good fit, I'm game. And finally, whether you've come here for guidance or to learn, I hope you'll enjoy your time in my space and find something that sparks your interest, inspires your creativity and empowers you in your own spiritual journey. Happy travels!

<3 Julia