An Online Seth Intensive


Well before I launched this website, far before I began speaking freely and openly about my passions and practices, I was a student on endless quests to satisfy my curiosities surrounding things I couldn't see but, but only felt. One of my earliest teachers was a series of books by author Jane Roberts introduced to me by my dad. This collection of channeled texts was my very first foray into some of the biggest question marks around this existence, consciousness and the nature of reality.

I was very young on the first introduction and so over the years I have revisited the material many times, and what I can say for certain is that is the most influential resource I've come across underpinning and inspiring much of my own journey.

It informs the content I create, the topics I write about and it's also a wonderful divinatory source as I often use the books in my collection in this way; asking a question and then flipping to a page/passage for a response.

For all these reasons, I was super excited to discover that not only is there a Seth Center housing all of these works and continuing to touch the lives of seekers around the world, they also offer an intensive workshop - probably both a great starting point as well as an immersive study for those already familiar.

Some of the topics include:

  • Conscious creation

  • The effective manipulation of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and expectations

  • The "inner senses" and our capacity for "Direct Comprehension"

  • Expanding your concept of identity and becoming a "new, larger" you

  • Reconnecting with the source of your being

  • How to break free from stubborn cultural limiting belief systems

  • Dreams as a doorway to inner knowledge and power

  • Tuning into "higher" states of consciousness, simultaneous time, reincarnational selves

I wanted to share this with my audience because I know some of you are Seth fans already and for those who aren't familiar with the material, this may be a great introduction. Personally, I'm impressed by how fullsome it looks and for those interested in taking part, it runs online from October 10, 2018 and ends November 14, 2018! Check it out!

P.s. The book pictured here is titled the Eternal Validity of the Soul and it is highly recommended!