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reading in the flow

Reading In The Flow is a 37 page PDF containing multiple lessons to help you see the bigger picture within any tarot spread. This isn’t about memorizing what the cards mean or book definitions at all. It is about observing the way the cards interact to see beyond the basics and beneath the surface. It doesn’t matter what deck you use, the principals and techniques discussed are easily applied - even to oracle, which I do touch on in the PDF.

Specifically we’ll discuss/explore:

  • the basic structure of a tarot deck and what that means to your readings

  • basic correspondences

  • how the cards weave together to form greater meaning

  • the distinction between intuitive reading and reading in the flow

  • the way cards compare and contrast (pace, movement, body language etc.)

  • the aspects I look for in every spread and how that lends to the overall interpretation

  • specific examples so you can see these methods in action

We will also touch on some advanced techniques, and there is a “flow chart” which you can print out and use to aid you in your practice.

When I was able to really see the flow between the cards and spot the connections/syncronicities, it took my ability to read to the next level. This is what I want to share with you all and I sincerely hope the information in this PDF will become a valuable tool for your spiritual kit!


Illuminate Your Intuition 30 Day Challenge

Beginning in September 2018 (though you may jump in at anytime), the Illuminate Your Intuition Challenge aims to help you unlock your own unique intuitive language while enhancing your inherent gifts. You'll be working with tarot and your own inner knowing to discover the tools and abilities you never knew you possessed. The guidebook is a simple day-by-day format and explores methods such as meditation, stream of consciousness, dream-work and more, all in an effort to get you closer to the part of you that intuitively knows.


Prompts Through The Major ARCANA

The cards can dish advice but they can also prompt us to seek within. In this guidebook, I go card by card offering a prompt both to address the Sun and Shadow (upright and reversed) of each card. The way you choose to work with this guide is up to you, but I do offer a few suggestions in the introduction.


Flexing With Tarot

This 15 page PDF includes a chart which includes all 78 tarot cards for you to work through with an adaptive exercise. I've included three popular topics; love, career and self-development. The idea is that you will take each card, and see if you can bend it to fit the inquiry type.

Each card will also come with 3 keywords to get you started, at on the last page, I've included 4 examples with 4 randomly selected cards. This way, if you get stuck, you can see how I've flexed 4 of the 78 cards to be read in accordance with each category.

To learn more about this exercise and practice, please check out the original blog post.

Test Your Tarot Knowledge

Are you a Fool, Magician, Hermit or Star? Take this tarot themed quiz and put your knowledge to the test!


Spreads Through The Major Arcana

This is a 29 page PDF featuring 25 unique tarot spreads. The guide gives insight into each card of The Major Arcana and provides at least 1 spread in its essence. Take a journey with The Fool from naivety to fulfillment and learn something about the cards and your own life's path along the way.

Articles For The Learner

I love to write articles with the learner in mind, though I am also aware that if you're new to my blog, you may have a difficult time finding these resources as much of the content that I produce very regularly are series and other spots. So, here is a place where I've compiled all the pieces I've written on this site that are informative and designed to help you grow into your practice

Delivering A Memorable Email Reading

I've written a blog post to elaborate on the resources available, so check that out if you'd like additional information. Below are a couple resources for readers to help craft and format your email readings.
a) Email Reading Checklist: You can grab the checklist and use it as a quick reference sheet to ensure you've covered all your bases before you hit "send"!
b) Email Reading Template: If you need a template to work from, you can take a look at the general style in which I construct my readings online and of course, edit it to fit your style and brand. There are two versions of the template available for download: PDF or Doc.

Getting To Know The Court Characters

If you've struggled to understand the court characters or commit their attributes to memory, this exercise may help you form a more meaningful relationship to one of the most misunderstood aspects of the tarot deck. This two page worksheet provides an exercise to begin to build character associations with all of the court cards, helping you expand your understanding of them and apply your own interpretations as well. For more background and information on these concepts, please head on over to this blog post!