Deck Preview: The Threads of Fate


If you haven’t already heard about the upcoming Threads of Fate oracle deck (live on kickstarter April 25th), let me be the first to tell you about it. Before I dive in though, please note that I received the cards I’m about to share so that I could spread the word and offer my thoughts. With that being said, everything I’m about to touch on is a true and authentic reflection of my opinion. Also, I don't typically agree to receive something that I suspect I wouldn't there is also that. Back to business now...

The Threads of Fate is the brainchild of Blaire and Brit and while the aesthetic is pretty specific, I would wager if you’re a fan of the Starchild tarot, you’ll be drawn to this deck as well. And even better, if you have the Starchild tarot, I could see this as being a beautiful compliment to any readings performed with it. So, needless to say, there are some spacey similarities, but what the The Threads of Fate does for me anyway, is bring it back full circle. As above; so below - and as much as there are some of those ethereal or otherworldly imagery and vibes, there is also a lot here that is rooted is Earth. Actually, elements play a large role in the underpinning of many of the cards, and I think intuitively working with them, you’ll be able to determine what card occupies which space without so much as referencing the intended meanings.

Because imagery is such a personal thing, I can only speak for myself when I say that this hits many, if not all the notes for me; from the colouring to the bold gold-foiled illustrations. There really is a precision here - an attention to detail that I super appreciate.


And while I understand that you can see for yourself the images to be expected, there is definitely something to be said for how the cards handle. They are a great size (for me anyway) and easy to hold. They have a very smooth matte finish which will make shuffling a breeze, and the stock is thick and sturdy. The Threads of Fate is not taking any shortcuts where quality and production are concerned - this is a very well made deck and I think anyone who works with tarot or oracle will understand what I mean when they have a chance to hold it in their hands.

I can honestly, hand on heart say that I do not dislike anything about these cards. The images are stunning, the card stock is top notch and they speak intuitively with a language unto their own. While I realize you could always use the reference book to understand the intent behind a card, I think many people would be able to draw one and just know what it’s saying. But not just know in the static sense of the word, because I think there is some fluidity here as well and I can see myself getting a secondary or tertiary meaning from the same card, depending on what perspective I'm approaching it from. In other words, they speak.


Bottom line, if the images on the screen speak to you, I highly recommend checking out the kickstarter that is launching April 25! Along with the deck, I’m told there are other awesome rewards to count on including coloring print outs, prints of illustrations, totes, cloths, stickers, custom jewelry and more. Whether for divination or ritual use, The Threads of Fate is an impressive tool and would be a lovely addition to one’s practice. I truly cannot wait to work with it more in my own!

Julia Eve