Charting Our Dreams


A few weeks ago I posted a dream-states survey and invited those who wished to partake to share their experiences. I received quite a number back and would like to start this by offering a heart felt thank you. Not only was I in awe of the feedback, but I felt a great sense of comfort knowing that this world I escape to each night is not mine alone.

With all that being said, I spent a great deal of time pouring over the participant's birth charts because I wanted to see if there were a few areas in particular where I could draw commonalities. Astrology is complex, and I am not an expert by a long stretch - but it was fascinating none the less. Unfortunately, based on the sample size I viewed, I couldn't conclude any obvious parallels, but I would like to explain what it was I was looking for. Before I do that, let me share with you some of the fascinating experiences some of our dreamers put forth. I've just included one or two quotes for each topic and I've added my own input as well.


On hypnagogia:

"[Hypnagogia] waxes and wanes - sometimes super intense voices and presences, other times just sounds like my phone alarm playing as I’m falling asleep."

I have frequent audio and visual hallucinations. The audio ones take place "outside of me" and the visual ones are on the backs of my eyelids (is how I can best describe it). The audio is usually short phrases or unfamiliar names. The visual ones are like an acid trip I imagine though I've never done acid. I also often "move" with the landscape. I think I'm describing this poorly, but it's as cool as it sounds. (no quotes cuz this one is mine!)

On prophetic dreams:

"I have premonitions in my dreams. Sometimes it’s something small like a moment in a day in the future. I won’t remember it until I’m in that moment later on. I had dreams of being a yoga teacher and now I am one. I had dreams of my son before he was conceived. I had dreams of living in the home I live in now before me moved here. I never dream of anything having to do with the world though. Only personal experience."

"In my childhood and teen years I experienced premonitions in my dreams. I would remember the dream a few months later when it happened. I could catch myself remembering the dream and think 'Hey I know what she will say next...' and it was always correct. "

I rarely have prophetic dreams these days, but I had them quite a bit when I was younger. The exception being when I was pregnant and during that time I knew just about everything. (no quotes because this one is mine)

On lucid dreaming:

"I can become aware that i’m dreaming, and even talk to the dream version of me. i don’t usually control any actions though, except forcing the dream to end if it’s too intense or a nightmare."

I began lucid dreaming as a child and I just assumed it was pretty standard fare. I struggle at times gaining real control of the dream, sometimes letting my mind and fears take over - but I guess that's no different than everyday life anyway, right? (no quotes because this one is mine)

On sleep paralysis/out of body experiences:

"[Sleep paralysis happens] basically anytime I nap. it usually coincides with out of body dreams, so in the dream i’m walking around wherever i’m sleeping, possibly having conversations with people in the house.. it’s all usually mundane. when i realize i’m out of my body i get freaked out and that’s usually when i realize i’m paralyzed. sometimes it will just be sleep paralysis and then i’ll pick up on various energies in the room.. often a negative energy which in my dream state becomes what i call 'the bad man' who is trying to break in the house."

"I don't know if Astral projections and/or demons visiting could help with your research but both happened to me. I don't know where I projected to as I never found similar descriptions online."

I can get out of paralysis pretty quick these days, but as a teenager when it began, it was a lot scarier. The first time it ever happened to me, it happened three times in one night and the first instance included the presence of a big shadowy figure with a wicked cackle who lunged at me full force. Not fun. (no quotes because this one is mine)

In reading all of these experiences, it occurs to me that it's so much more than just what the survey aimed to capture. Active dreamers like myself share something in common which is that it's bigger than just the dream - its the emotion and intensity that comes with it and the knowing that these experiences, even if common, are far from mundane.

So what was I looking for exactly in the charts I explored? Let me explain...

First, I wanted to see what was happening in each of the participants moon signs. I had my eye out for a Pisces moon in particular. The reason for this is that the moon represents hidden aspects, the subconscious, our emotions, intuition and what is happening on the inside. Pisces is a water sign that also encapsulates many of these characteristics, but also sensitivity, a proclivity to the arcane and the ability to feel deeply.

I was also interested to explore the aspects, particularly where and how the moon interacted with Neptune. I was especially curious to see if I would find a fellow moon square Neptune which is specifically associated with a vivid imagination, an active dream life and the tendency to get lost in fantasy.

The last thing I was looking for was what was happening in the 12th house. This house rules the subconscious, dreams and intuition and so I was looking for connections again to Pisces or Neptune energy to add fuel to that fire.

Knowing this now, I encourage you to explore your own experiences and chart to correspond. Do you relate to these stories? Do you have any of the following happening in your chart that I've mentioned above? 

We rarely talk about what happens when we close our eyes, as if to take that world for granted or worse, think we're the only ones living in it. While we have our unique experiences, it's important to recognize that we're not alone as we traverse the weird and wonderful world of dreams. And I realize I've just scratched the surface, and touched on aspects that I myself know and recognize. There is so much more to explore and so much deeper we could go - we do spend a fair chunk of our lives sleeping after all - might as well enjoy it.

Thank you to the following folks who shared their experiences with me and provided permission for me to credit their contribution (I've purposely not paired experiences with names and please note, some of the experiences shared belong to none of the folks listed here. These are just the individuals who explicitly stated I could share their names/websites and I do very much want to give them recognition for taking the time and helping me out!): Jess, Anna, Amy, Genna, Whitney, Bryanna, Ania, Gabrielle, Jordyn,

Sweet Dreams,

p.s. Check out thalassa on the main page for crystals that work to enhance, boost and increase the dream/sleep experience. (keep in mind these home spaces will update regularly so depending when you're reading this - it may have already been replaced with something new!)

p.p.s. I think we've just scratched the surface here, so expect more dream talk/analysis in future posts