Flexing With Tarot: An Expanded Worksheet


Freebie Alert! This post includes a downloadable worksheet. Grab it here!

Last month, I wrote a blog post all about flexing your cards to suit any given inquiry. I created a small worksheet where you could play with the technique, and as soon as I hit "publish", I regretted not making the worksheet more fulsome.

So, I went back and reworked it! It's now a 15 page document that includes a chart featuring each of the 78 cards including 3 keywords that I've provided you to get started. Each card will allow you to adapt it to fit 3 different topics; love, career and self-development. These are some of the most common inquiries, which is why I've selected them, but you can always scratch one or all of them out and plop in your own.


I've also included on the last page, 4 examples with 4 cards that I randomly selected. If you get stuck, it should be enough to get you seeing how the cards could be flexed to fit.

Here's one example that I'm referencing from the original post (I have 4 different examples in the PDF).

4 of Wands

Keywords: Celebration, Home, Security, Foundation, Harvest, Homecoming

Love: It may be possible that the seeker is getting ready to settle down or share house with the person they're involved with. The 4 of Wands could be about taking the relationship to the next level, becoming more comfortable in that dynamic and celebrating the success they've so far had together.

Career: The Seeker may have really found their stride where career is concerned. They have, or are about to, reap the rewards of recent achievements. There could even be a promotion or raise coming up for the seeker. At the least, they can expect their success to be celebrated in some way.

Self-Development: I read this card as being a bit about being really comfortable in your own skin, where self-development is concerned. To love your temple, both your physical being and your outside surroundings, and to nurture them and make them yours. Allow yourself to relish in what makes you feel good and focus on the positive.

I hope this practice and the PDF serves you well. I've also added it to the freebies section which I encourage you to check out if you haven't already. There are loads of resources for newbie readers as well as those looking to expand their practice.

As always, happy reading!