Tarot Blog Hop

I'm participating in the Willows East Tarot Blog Hop, so below I have answered the 5 questions that she's put forward to those involved in the hop.

Before we get to that, I first want to say that I think this is a really wonderful way to connect us tarot bloggers, to continue to build community and to help get to know each other a bit better! I encourage any other tarot bloggers who come across this post to check it out and join the hop!

So did you want to learn more about me and my journey with tarot? Read on!

1. What brought you to tarot?
I've always been into the weird and "woo-y" side of life. My dad was an astrologer and occultist and so not only was it an innate interest from a very young age, I also had access to a lot of goods! I got my first deck when I was 10 or 11. Before that, I remember spending summers trying to master various other divination methods. I tried I-Ching, Runes, reading regular playing cards and messing around with Ouija boards, but tarot quickly became my first love.
While I've always had decks around, I haven't been consistently practicing for the last 20+ years. There were loads of years long hiatus' for one reason or another, but when I came back a couple years ago, it was for real and it is for good. I'll save the major details for another blog post, but I will say that it was a health scare that rocked my world and catapulted me back in touch with my spirituality in ways I've never experienced before. The dreams, visions, messages and synchronicities I experienced during that time was like a spiritual hyper-drive. Since allowing and embracing these aspects, my life has changed in huge ways. Nothing looks like it did 2 years ago; my environment, career, mental/emotional outlook have all done a 180. I know it sounds dramatic, but tarot has truly changed my life.

2. Which deck is your favourite?
I'm a real RWS enthusiast, and so when I'm choosing decks, I almost always go for ones that follow that system. I would also count the actual Rider Waite Smith deck as one of my favourite and most used decks that I own, particularly the Radiant and Centennial editions.
With that being said, my favourite modern deck is the Fountain Tarot. Anyone who follows me on Instagram has gotta know that, because I do not hide my love for it there. There is something so poignant, beautiful, minimal but so full about it. The cards are an absolute work of art, its LWB a poem and the way it communicates is nothing short of sophisticated and articulate. See, I'm gushing! But seriously, it's fucking magickal people, and if you don't own it yet, what are you waiting for!?

3. What is the purpose of my blog?
My blog sincerely started as a way to simply have an outlet to write and express myself. I never cared if anyone read what I wrote, in fact, I probably wasn't even ready for that when I started out. Now, it's an evolving thing. Currently, I'm really interested in creating content for learners. Whether that be writing a post about different methods for reading, sharing a spread or talking about how I practice tarot, I always try to think about what the value would be to someone just starting out. This is also what I try to offer with my free resources and this is the reason why they are all free.
Of course, I also sell readings through my blog so realistically, it's both a place for learning and a place to get a reading, and the nice thing is, if you're not ready for a reading or not sure about a reading, you can at least get to know me a bit and what I do before you make that leap. I'm pretty sure that's how many of us in this community of tarot blogs operate.

4. What makes my journey unique?
This is a difficult question to answer. I see my journey reflected back in many other journeys I come across, and so maybe it's more a matter of the sum of the parts. My journey is unique because it is mine. I've been reading tarot cards for a really long time, from a very early age, and I come from a family that encouraged it. My approach is both intuitive and analytical and I tend to consider myself pretty equally left and right brained. If I spend too much time on the right, I start to feel loopy, but if I spend too much time on the left, I become bored if not down right depressed. When I read, it's much in the same way. I listen to my guides and my gut and the messages they channel down to me, but I also look at the landscape of the cards. I add up numbers, look for patterns and try to figure out how the puzzle all fits together. A reading just doesn't feel complete or right to me if I'm not looking at it both ways.

5. Spirit Guides/Higher Self, what would my viewers benefit from hearing right now? This question requires turning to the cards, drawing one, and allowing it to serve as a focal point for unveiling what message those who see this may benefit from hearing. For this, I drew the 7 of Swords. Message directly under image below.


I'm intuiting the more protective messages behind this card for you today. So, if you're thinking about taking a risk, this card is having you assess it fully and thoroughly before making the plunge. Especially if you're embarking on a venture with others, make sure you know them well, including their motives, and get everything in print. It feels as if something isn't quite sliced down the middle fairly and so before you sign on the dotted line, or jump into something new, do your research! I'm kind of wishing I received a more affirming card, but I guess with tarot, you get what you get! Hopefully it was helpful!

Thanks for stopping by my site and taking the time to read this post. If you want to check out some other awesome tarot blogs, or join the hop yourself, head on over here!

-Julia Eve