In-Depth With The Page of Pentacles

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.
— Roy T. Bennett

It's been over a year since I've done an in-depth, but today I felt compelled to pull together another. I'd love to eventually have a full section on this site devoted to card meanings - but this will be a slow process and I'm not setting any tangible deadlines.

For today's selection, I threw it to spirit and asked what card I should focus on. Spirit responded with the Page of Pentacles and so, that is the card we'll be tackling! So, who is the Page of Pentacles and what may his presence indicate in the context of a tarot reading? Pages are typically considered one of three things. 1) An actual physical person in the seeker's life (or the seeker themselves) 2) Attributes that are symbolically relevant to the reading or 3) A messenger (more on that one later).

The Page of Pentacles is governed by the Earth element and therefore, she may be regarded as being the most grounded and practical of the Page clan. To me, he conjures up images of your stereotypical young scholar - an A student; so long as the subject matter is one that interests her. I say this specifically because this Page isn't just about learning for learning's sake - she needs to understand tangibly where and how that learning will translate. For this reason, I also often consider this to be the sort of student who'd hold down an after-school job - a paper route, lemonade stand, dog walker - whatever is most interesting to our Page or has the most potential for growth!

I love the Zombie Tarot's depiction of the Page of Pentacles as the classic Paperboy.

I love the Zombie Tarot's depiction of the Page of Pentacles as the classic Paperboy.


While Pages typically represent younger individuals -  they could also be representative of older people in our lives who are either young at heart, immature or who are embarking on something that is brand new and unfamiliar to them. Pages, like all other court cards, could be any gender or orientation, and that's why I keep swapping pronouns. What's more important are the attributes than any other factor i.e. looks, age, identification.

When the Page of Pentacles shows up, this could indicate that you are embarking on or are about to embark on a new venture where projects and resources are concerned. This could be the beginning of an entrepreneurial undertaking, a project or hobby that is about to translate into material gain or even an invitation to contribute your skills for monetary compensation. While money (or another resource exchange) is typically linked to this Page, it isn't the sort of thing that usually just lands in his lap.  This Page is focused, determined, skilled and willing to work for the prize.

In your typical Rider Waite Smith deck and many of its variants, you see this Page holding a single coin, gazing at it with a determined focus. This is the energy that exists within the context of this card. The opportunity is there with the potential to gain from it highly plausible, but the seeker must be willing to pursue.

If the Page arrives and you (or the seeker) aren't certain of her connection, you may regard this card as a messenger rather than a list of attributes to embody. What this could mean is that the Page has arrived for you in this moment to let you know, in more prophetic terms, that something will be offered to you, and that something will likely be an opportunity to apply your skills for some form of monetary gain. 

Whether this Page represents an actual person, or a possibility about to unfold, one thing is for certain. The Page of Pentacles reminds us that focus, dedication and the pursuit of our dreams are necessary in order to gain traction and see real results in this material world. If you've been doing manifestation work, the Page is a reminder that anything is possible, and what we begin on a mental, spiritual and energetic level, can evolve in very real ways - if we do the work.

So, practically speaking, let's go over a handful of possibilities in terms of what this Page may represent if he shows up in a reading.

  • A need for focus and dedication in order to reap tangible results.
  • An opportunity or venture is likely, which may be new, but also fruitful.
  • An invitation is on the horizon to contribute in a way that may lead to material gain.
  • A person who is studious, determined, grounded, practical and young (by age or at heart).

And finally, we can all learn a bit from the eager and hungry Page of Pentacles when it comes to work ethic. no matter what our age or how much we've accomplished in our lives, there can be moments where we are needing to start again as an absolute beginner. This Page is an important reminder to not assume we have all the answers; to remain open and humble when embarking on new ventures and to be grateful for our inherent ability to cultivate through hard work and perseverance.

I hope you've enjoyed these insights into the Page of Pentacles. You can read my last in-depth where I discussed the 8 of Cups, which was my stalker card at the time. If you have a request for future in-depths, let me know in the comments below, and until next time...