Connecting with the Solar Eclipse In Leo


Tomorrow is the much anticipated Solar Eclipse in Leo and depending where you are in this world, you may experience total-partial darkness for a brief period of time.

Solar eclipses are relatively rare and when they show up, it's a good time for us to take a peek at what's lurking in our shadows and what is attempting to find its way to light. It's also an opportunity to allow for some serious transformation to take place and depending where this eclipse is landing for you in your chart, it could mean a focus on different things.

To figure out where the eclipse is showing up for you, you need to locate what house Leo lands on in your natal chart. You can run a chart over at Cafe Astrology, which is an excellent resource that I use frequently since I'm definitely no Astrology expert. Once you've run your chart, scroll down to the bottom and find what house Leo falls in for you. There are 12 houses total and I've included a list below so you can reference what each of them means. Please note that I've included the natural sign that occupies each house to provide more context to that house, but your natal chart will show you specifically where the signs are landing for you.


1. Self, expression, identity, attitudes. Ruled by Aries.
2. Money, values, self-worth, possessions. Ruled by Taurus.
3. Communication, language, siblings, community. Ruled by Gemini.
4. Home, security, domestic matters, family, roots. Ruled by Cancer.
5. Creativity, self-expression, play, entertainment, pleasure. Ruled by Leo.
6. Work, health, nutrition, food, fitness, acts of service. Ruled by Virgo.
7. Relationships, partnerships, marriage, contracts. Ruled by Libra.
8. Transformation, sexuality, death, change attitudes. Ruled by Scorpio.
9. Belief systems, exploration, travel, morals/ethics, higher learning. Ruled by Sagittarius.
10. Career, public image, government, responsibility, achievements. Ruled by Capricorn.
11. Friends, groups, organizations, causes, society. Ruled by Uranus.
12. Spirituality, soul growth, karma, dreams. Ruled by Pisces.

So, where is this eclipse showing up for you? For me, Leo is my rising sign which means it lands in my first house - the area of self, expression, identity and attitudes. This would explain why in the last couple weeks leading up to this event I've shifted my focus inward, going back to the goals I had on a more personal level and paying closer attention to what my body is telling me. I've been asking a lot of questions such as "what is my place in the world?", "what am I here to offer?", "how can I take better care of my self?" but also "how can I be of better service to others?"

Whatever house this eclipse lands in for you, take stock of the subtle messages your higher self is sending at this time. Maybe there is something that needs to be eliminated. Or, maybe you've been neglecting an area of your life that is in dire need of attention. And even if you don't have all the answers immediately available, know this is also okay. This process for all of us comes with so much potential and the least we can do is allow ourselves the space to let it unfold at its own pace and in accordance with the greater good.

Enjoy the view tomorrow!
Julia Eve