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Sun in Sagittarius Sounds - A Playlist

Sagittarius season is upon us and to celebrate the shift, I’ve made a playlist! Have a listen after the cut or follow along in Spotify!

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Sun in Scorpio Sounds - A Playlist

Awhile back, my friend was sharing her horoscope with me and in that forecast, it asked her this question: If you could be any other sun sign, which would you be? She didn't have a response, but when she flipped the tables on me, I answered swiftly and with certainty; “I would be a Scorpio”. I have a little bit of Scorpio in my chart, granted. Both my Jupiter and Saturn are in Scorpio - so, that's something, I guess. And my rationale isn't completely fleshed out but essentially, I think the sign is bad-ass and I'd like a little more edge in my profile - lol.

With that being said, please enjoy this playlist I’ve put together for Scorpio season. It’s mysterious, dark, sexy and…I hope you enjoy it! Have a listen after the cut or follow along in Spotify!

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New Moon in Libra - A Playlist
Soundtrack Through The Arcana - The Chariot

After plowing through the first 7 cards of this series in almost no time, I finally stalled a bit with this installment for the Chariot, which is quite unchariot-like, actually. But it's not a race, and like this Major Arcana may suggest, the journey forward can have all kinds of distractions and pit stops along the way. I don't always see that as a bad thing and actually, something can be said for stopping and smelling the roses along the way. As long as we don't lose sight of the ultimate goal - and that really is the role of the Chariot - to keep your sights aligned with the path you've committed to.

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