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Tarot: Best (Personal) Practices

I believe at it's core, tarot is an entirely individual and personalized practice. For this reason, even the "rules" I've come to establish in my own relationship with tarot serve to exist within the presumption that tarot and its use is defined mostly by the practitioner at hand.

So when I talk about "rules", I hope I can do so in a way that keeps from being considered preachy. This is just my perspective after all and so my hope is that if anything here resonates, you can adopt it, but of course if not, feel free to adapt it instead or chuck it to the wayside.

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Tarot "Rules" and Misconceptions

Anything that has been around for decades, if not centuries, is bound to carry with it traditions of history and ideas about it’s best use. Tarot is no exception and through the years, all sorts of folks have applied their best practices to this particular form of divination. With that in mind, this article is less about dispelling myths, but rather a way for me to express my thoughts on ideas that have been passed down through the years and to offer some explanation as to why or why not they apply to my daily practice.

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