Wisdom of the Oracle Tarot Card Associations


I've been working with the Wisdom of the Oracle for awhile now and truthfully, it is the only oracle deck that I really consistently use - especially when I'm reading for others. While the aesthetic doesn't sing to my soul, what this deck does deliver for me is no-nonsense practical guidance and cards that are easy to interpret no matter what the question or situation. I don't think this deck is particularly hard to grasp, though the thing with oracle cards (unlike tarot) is that each deck is like a brand new system needing to be learned, and that can feel daunting. 

One of the things that made it even easier to assimilate all those meanings was associating them back to tarot cards that I felt carried a very similar meaning, vibe or energy. So, if you're a tarot card reader and new to the Wisdom of the Oracle, I've compiled a quick tarot card association cheat sheet. Hopefully you agree with the cards I've selected but with anything, some of these things can be personal and so I encourage you to explore and come to your own conclusions as well.

Yang Emperor Exchanging Gifts 6 of Pentacles
Yin Empress Building Blocks 7 of Pentacles
Between Worlds Hanged Man Breath Hermit
Higher Power Star Tick-Tock 8 of Wands
Orphaned 5 of Pentacles Why? Moon
Not For You 7 of Wands Here and Now 6 of Cups
To The Sea 6 of Swords Chaos and Conflict 5 of Wands
The Tribe 3 of Cups A Leg Up 10 of Wands
Treasure Island 10 of Pentacles Loyal Heart 2 of Cups
Unfinished Symphony 5 of Cups Come to the Edge Judgement
By The Book Hierophant Never-ending Story 3 of Swords
A Change in the Wind Tower To Be Fair Justice
Fork in the Road 2 of Swords New LIfe Fool
Truth Be Told 7 of Cups Co-create 3 of Pentacles
Message in a Bottle Ace of Pentacles Soul Mates Lovers
All That Glitters 7 of Swords Chop Wood 8 of Pentacles
The Fates Wheel of Fortune Deep Knowing High Priestess
Serendipity Ace of Cups Thinker Ace of Swords
Flexible Temperance Time To Go 8 of Cups
Imagine Magician Regeneration Death
Clean It Up 8 of Swords Go the Distance Chariot
Blessed 10 of Cups Poised 9 of Pentacles
Peace World Observer 2 of Wands
Time for a Nap 4 of Swords No Place Like Home 4 of Wands
Round and Round Devil Milk and Honey 9 of Cups
Happy, Happy Sun Mending Strength

And that's my take! Agree? Disagree? Love the Wisdom of the Oracle or never really connected? Let me know in the comments below and if you're new to the deck, feel free to save/use the above chart to your liking.