5 Reasons Why Your Reading Was "Wrong"

So you had a tarot reading done, or you gave yourself a reading, and the thing the cards said would happen, didn’t. Or the message that came through felt totally off the mark. This is an inevitable occurrence, and besides just completely being off your game (if you’re the reader), what other reasons may explain why a reading didn’t pan out?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this one through the years, and by way of experience, simply working it out intuitively or speaking to others, here’s what I’ve concluded.

The Trajectory Changed

If we’re talking about predictive readings, and we believe that free will exists, then we must also conclude that trajectory can change. If you receive a reading and it indicates that something will happen, we probably need to add the caveat that “it will happen if the energy stays the course”. Predictive readings rely on current energy and probability. So, “based on where things are at current, and where it looks like things are headed, there is a good probability that such and such will occur”. When and if something doesn’t occur, the natural explanation may be that the energy or the trajectory simply changed.

You Aren’t Ready For The Message

With messages of guidance, there will be times the cards touch on something that we just aren’t ready to assimilate. Maybe it’s an aspect of our shadow self we’d rather stay buried. Or a factor in a relationship we’re not ready to face. The cards speak their truth, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready it. When this happens, we can become defensive and deny the message altogether. Consider for a moment any reading you received where the message didn’t add up. Was it off the mark, or were you just not in a place to receive? Any time a message presents itself that doesn’t seem to make sense, be encouraged to ask yourself -”okay, but what of this is true?” Maybe you aren’t ready for the whole real deal, but bits and pieces may begin to make sense as we inch our way closer to accepting what’s being offered. This isn't say that all readings and all readers are going to be on the mark 100%, and that it’s always a case of the seeker not being open or ready for the information. No way! I’m just suggesting to keep an open mind and be willing to explore.

The Message Was Misinterpreted

And then sometimes even the most well meaning readers will just simply get the message wrong. Unfortunately (and fortunately) conversing with the spirits that be, and our higher selves, isn’t an exact science. There is a lot of room for the messages to get lost in translation, especially considering how limiting human languages are. If you’re reading for yourself and the messages just aren’t coming together, snap a picture of the cards and give the reading some space. Clear your mind and return to them on another day to see if you’re picking up something different. I find especially when I read for myself, my ability to stay objective can be difficult and so sometimes, particularly when a difficult message comes through, I like to return to the cards on a day when I’m not feeling so attached. On second glance, and from a different perspective, I’ll ask myself again: “what does this all mean?”

You Aren’t Meant To Know

Yes, I do believe there are just some things we aren’t meant to know, or can’t know for whatever reason. Sometimes we ask questions, but it would not be in our best interest to have access to the answer. I believe there are parts of our soul contracts that simply need to be experienced without the forewarning. So if you’ve ever gone to a psychic who didn’t predict some big life mishap that was just around the corner, consider for a moment that perhaps you were not meant to have that insight. Our higher selves are all knowing in many ways, but they are also protective. We came here for a reason and part of that reason relies on our forgetting - our trusting - our experiencing without warning. Consider for a moment that there may be a lesson in the uncertainty; the lack of clarity - to have to sit in it, no matter how uncomfortable, may lead to necessary growths. Sometimes when I’m reading for others I can sense that part of what they’ve asked, they aren’t meant to know. That doesn’t mean we can’t explore plenty of messages in the vicinity of what they’ve asked…it just means there are times when even the best reader simply can’t go there.

More Time Is Needed

Sometimes as readers we can tap into messages or insight that simply hasn’t come to pass. Time is less relevant in the land of spirit and so sometimes we share what we think is pertinent information, but for the seeker it doesn’t make sense. Go back to a reading you gave yourself or the one you received that didn’t resonate, and ask yourself, if some time has passed, what of that reading is relevant now?

Of course, there may be other reasons a reading didn’t add up. You could ungrounded, distracted, on empathy overload or just having a bad day. All of that can happen. But if you do this work, you can also generally sense when this is the case and make accommodations to ensure you and your clients still get the best of you. This work is art, not science and so when you receive a reading, you need to show up and be willing to have an open mind, be honest and explore the possibilities that may be. If you trust the process, even if something doesn’t make sense, there is better chance that even that lack of clarity will have a message for you.

Happy reading, friends

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