Tarot Card Associations for the Animal Spirit Oracle


A year ago I made a post comparing the Wisdom of the Oracle cards to tarot cards as a way to better commit them to my memory bank. It worked well and I know that article has reached plenty of people, so I challenged myself to do the same with the Animal Spirit oracle.

I do this because as many of you know, I’m a much bigger fan of tarot than I am of oracle. And while I think these oracle decks can completely stand on their own and need no association to be used thoroughly, I can’t help but always look at things (oracle or otherwise) through a tarot-centric lens.

So please honour the deck as it was intended, but also use some of this insight to help you further understand and assimilate those meanings!

I also want to note that I am absolutely in LOVE with the animal spirit oracle deck by Kim Krans - author of the Wild Unknown. And I’ll even go on record to say that I avoided this deck for a long time because I didn’t actually think we’d get along. It was only one day when I was itching for a new deck and found myself in Indigo that I reached for the package and let’s just say, I’ve basically not put it down since.

And with that, let me share with you how I’ve compared each card. Perhaps if you’re more familiar with this deck than you are with tarot, this list may even help you understand tarot cards in a new way! Some of the associations were very obvious to me and some of them took some flexing on my part. Have a look and see what you think!

Animal Spirit Tarot Animal Spirit Tarot
Bear 5 of Pentacles Earthworm Page of Pentacles
Mouse 2 of Pentacles Rabbit 9 of Swords
Racoon 6 of Coins Fox Magician
Snake Ace of Wands Buffalo Fool
Lamb Page of Cups Elk Emperor
Deer Empress Wolf Hierophant
Spider 10 of Pentacles Horse Chariot
Crocodile 4 of Swords Stingray Strength
Fish 7 of Cups Starfish Lovers
Octopus 9 of Cups Beaver 8 of Pentacles
Oyster 4 of Pentacles Turtle 4 of Wands
Frog 10 of Wands Otter 6 of Cups
Shark The Devil Swan Star
Dolphin Ace of Cups Whale Queen of Cups
Fire Ant 5 of Wands Hyena Knight of Wands
Scorpion 5 of Swords Lizard Knight of Cups
Panther Tower Tarantula 2 of Swords
Camel Temperance Gazelle 9 of Pentacles
Cheetah Sun Tiger Moon
Cobra Hanged Man Zebra 3 of Wands
Lion King of Wands Elephant Hermit
Moth Page of Wands Butterfly 3 of Swords
Bat Death Firefly 8 of Wands
Bee 3 of Pentacles Hummingbird Page of Swords
Vulture 10 of Swords Crow High Priestess
Owl 10 of Cups Dragonfly Ace of Swords
Nightingale Queen of Swords Peacock King of Cups
Hawk 2 of Wands Eagle Wheel of Fortune
Pheonix 6 of Swords Sea Serpent Queen of Wands
Dragon Justice Golden Egg 2 of Cups
Black Egg King of Swords Unicorn Judgment
Cosmic Egg World

And that's my take! Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below and if you're new to the deck, feel free to save/use the above chart to your liking.