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It’s Family Day here and I’m grabbing a moment to give you a rapid fire post filled with updates, news and other bit and bobs in terms of what’s happening in my world and this space!

Clear Channel Candle


I recently collaborated with this fantastically talented Devin of Love Light Legacy on this beauty of a candle. It’s 8oz and has been designed to connect you to your sacred practice while unleashing the power of the elements. In other words, Clear Channel is a one stop companion for meditation, divination or balancing any space in your home. Flame for fire, shells for water, quartz for air and scented for earth (yummy nutmeg and ginger!!). Each candle comes with purposefully placed and ethically sourced sea shells (+sand), a tumbled quartz point, and candle safe glitter. Made with soy wax and a zinc free wick.

They are just $15 and are available for a limited time - so make sure to grab one (or two) while you can! And if you’re having any doubt, just read the reviews!

Pull Pen Paint


Pull Pen Paint is back in session and I will be returning again to facilitate a couple of workshops. It is a multifaceted course with LOADS of content related to tarot, spirituality, intuition, art, journaling and more. Best of all, it’s a variety of teachers from diverse backgrounds who deliver the content, so you really get the benefit of lots of skills and unique perspectives.

I’m not sure my workshop topic yet, but in the past, I’ve done them around spirit guides, magick, reading in the flow and more…so that should give you an idea of the sort of material I bring to the table.

If you’re interested or want to learn more, check out the entire course - it’s on early bird special for a limited time!

This is Magick


I felt inspired to make a playlist the other day and so I began building this, and then also asked for input on Instagram and included some of those suggestions. Have a listen!


If you like the content I produce, have benefited from a service I’ve provided or just generally want to keep seeing me doing what I’m doing (and then some) consider joining me on Patreon! It helps support my work in the metaphysical and spiritual field, but it also gets you the benefit of working with me in other exclusive ways.

Live chat, personal readings, collective readings, ritual, bite sized studies, year ahead guides, sporadic mailouts and loads more! If this sounds like something you’d enjoy or benefit from, check it out!

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