Notes From The Macrocosm


I posted nothing with the exception of a playlist in the month of January, and even though this is unusual for me, I also know enough at this point to trust in my ebbs and flows. While my blog has arguably suffered from inactivity, I’ve been in greater creative throws where other endeavors are concerned. And through that, I’ve had some time to reflect and pay attention to the reminders that universe or spirit or whatever has been graciously sending my way.

Here’s what I’ve learned or what has been reinforced through the month of January. Maybe you’ll find some pieces relateable, maybe a light-bulb will go off, or maybe you’ll completely disagree and leave an angry message in the comments. I don’t know, let’s go!

(The Star) Synchronicities are real. Occasionally they will contain specific messages, but many times these flashes are simply an attempt to get our attention. To break free from the monotony of the day and remind us of who we really are and what we’re meant to be doing. Even if there is an inherent lack of clarity in our life’s purpose or direction or what the synchro means, the place we can comfortably rest is the idea that these meaningful alignments are there to stir and inspire. Follow the signs!

(The Hermit) Our paths are our own. I saw a lot of disappointment, anger and frustration in the community over the Doreen Virtue A-Z list of evils and to that I ask, why do we care? I know some would argue that her views could potentially influence those just starting out on their path, or cause others to become fearful. But she has the right to her feelings, her path and her expression of those things. We may not like it or agree with it, but why do we all have to all see things the same why? I don’t pursue the things I do because Doreen Virtue gave me permission and I have no plan on stopping just because she changed course. We need to stop giving people more power than they deserve. At the end of any good spiritual journey I believe we all end up at the same place, and that’s with self. When we arrive, there should be no regret to the discovery that the only true leader is the one within. If you’re hoping for or looking for anything other than this, I fear you will be disappointment. We must learn to trust ourselves and follow our own paths even when when they diverge from those we uphold or the group at large.

(9 of Wands) You will be tested. I have been tested. These tests and trials though will precede breakthroughs and I think this is by design. We say we want so many things in life, but sometimes we’re not ready or not committed or don’t understand the implication of our asks. Success rarely moves forward steadily and reliably. Often, we’ll be tested many times, see ourselves through multiple “failures” and question, at length, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And the test then isn’t to see whether we’re worthy of this thing we’re pursuing, but to ensure instead that we really want it. Because if you can get up time and time again, and keep pushing through in spite of the doubt and the pain and the challenge, then eventually you’ll have proved to yourself that yes indeed, it is in fact the path for you. Please note I never said you have to keep with something that isn’t working or that isn’t yielding as you expected. The idea of the trial and having to reevaluate your position is that at any point, you can decide to absolutely change course.

(The Sun) True happiness exists before a reason and meaningful faith requires little proof. I never understood people who just seemed happy and content with their lives. I always had to have a reason and even reasons weren't enough at times. And I struggle with the idea that happiness is a choice, because to choose something so intangible for me means psyching myself up to it every single day. And that doesn’t feel happy. So instead happiness to me can simply be found in direction I choose to look. When I am looking broadly toward a path that feels authentic, focused on the good that already exists, ready at any moment to invite more in, but knowing that there will always be pivots - that makes me happy. In other words, happiness doesn’t have to be a reaction - it can be a state that exists for the sake of it alone.  And where faith is concerned, I have to be okay with the fact that I will likely live my whole life having never received nor produced any “scientific” proof that the things I believe are “real”. But, I know I will continue to pursue them as if they are because life is just more interesting this way.  

(The Hanged Man) Your view depends on your view. Our attention is pulled in so many different directions. Some of this I believe is malicious and designed to illicit a form of response to benefit someone or something other than ourselves. A lot of of instances are purely incidental, but potentially harmful nonetheless. I’ve had to be extra mindful of where my attention veers and treat my time and energy like monetary currency. When I’m engaging in something that depletes, I’m wasting my currency. When I’m pointed in a direction that uplifts, well, that’s a proper investment. We don’t have to look at things. We should be listening to the cues our minds and hearts are sending us. The world, like an enormous diamond, has many facets - many angels, many points of view. We have more control over the ones we zero in on than we think.

(Judgment) People are mostly really good. But, they’re also people - i.e. human. I’ve had to catch myself a few times recently where I’ve been too quick to judge or be put off over what someone has said or done (none of which was seriously harmful fyi). In this information age, it’s way too easy to think we understand who people are and what makes them tick. Just because someone shares something publicly, doesn’t mean it’s representative of their entire persona. I cannot use snippets to fill in an entire picture. This is dangerous, inaccurate and just straight up not fair. Not to mention, these instances often serve as mirrors to understand myself and revisit the shadows within. It’s rarely about the person…sometimes…but rarely.

And finally, everyday I grow more and more inspired by how little I truly know. In this unknowing lies multiple possibilities within an infinite number of universes. It’s okay to question yourself often, but remain open minded. It’s okay to live your truth, even if it changes and evolves in ways that undermine the previous truths. We’re all just trying to figure this out - and the only mistake we’ll make in that process is believing we’ve ever fully arrived.

So Universe, thank you for the reminders.