Spirit Guide Challenge: An Introduction

As I readied myself to post a reminder on my Instagram today, I realized I was getting ahead of myself and that it would be worthwhile to post a basic primer in this space for those new to the topic of guides.

Before we get into a couple basics, I’m going to add a big ole disclaimer now so I don’t need to keep repeating myself. No one can tell you what any of this definitively is, what it means or how it works. All the information contained in this challenge has been interpreted through my own filters and set of experiences. If your views differ, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. If you experiences vary, it doesn’t mean they lack legitimacy. I believe we all perceive that which exists tangibly and that which exists spiritually through our own unique lens. And my understand of these things continues to evolve and change. So we must timestamp this to say that on this date, the information contained within fits the framework I’ve come to understand - but that’s not to say things can’t change.

Also, your guide doesn’t care if you know its type or whatever. These concepts are very human in the sense that they allow us to box things in for better understanding. That’s okay - but it’s also okay to just let it be what it is without labels or explanations. Go forward as you feel is best!

What are spirit guides?

While they all vary and have different characteristics, attributes, skills and strengths; as a whole they are members of your spiritual team who offer different forms of guidance to you during your incarnation on this plane. There are different “types” of guides, which we will discuss shortly, but to keep this really simple, think of them like spiritual assistants (who love their job!) who you can connect with and access as needed.

Every one of us is unique, and for that reason, our teams have different makeups. Some of us have more or less guides. As well, the types of guides we have will vary, as will their purpose for us. For example, I may have a team at this moment consisting of several archangels, an ascended master, an army of ancestors and a dozen fairies while someone else may be working really heavily with animal spirit or astral energy. And don’t worry, if these terms are reading like gobbledygook, stick with me! We’ll talk about all the different “types” soon enough!

Even through our lifetimes, our teams evolve. A guide that may have been helping us with something very specific through childhood, may no longer be needed as we grow older and learn the necessary skills to cope on our own. And this doesn’t mean they’re gone forever or that we can’t call them back at will, but simply their presence is no longer required.

Your team, with the many members that make it up, are here for you. Sometimes they can and will intervene on your behalf. Other times, they will wait for you to ask for help. And oftentimes, they are there providing subtle nudges and clues that you’re on or off track, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Your spirit guides, while devoted to you and your incarnation, are also working on their own spiritual growth on the other side. Many times, entities will act as guides as a way to further their own spiritual progress by passing on the wisdom they’ve acquired to us, while we’re here. And while I’ve used the word “devoted” to describe your guides, I feel I must explain that it may not be in the way you’re thinking. When I speak of devotion, I simply mean they are devoted to your best interest; to helping you achieve your goals. However, they are able to do this while still carrying on a life on their plane and even assisting others who are incarnated on Earth. Time and space aren’t the same where your spirit guides reside and for this reason, they can be in multiple places doing multiple things watching multiple people...all at the same “time”.

Above all else, your spirit guides are non-judgmental, all-loving beings who come from different backgrounds and serve a wide variety of purposes, but the thing they have in common is that they are here for you and are working always for your benefit.

What types of guides are there?

Ancestral: Ancestral guides are just as the name suggests. These are members of your spiritual team who also share your current Earthly bloodline. This could be a mother, father, sister, brother or even members of your family who passed well before you were born, a great-great grandparent, for example. Ancestral guides will likely join your team for a variety of reasons, but two important ones are that a) they were close to you when you both shared space here and b) you are going through something that is related to karma, which you may have inherited through your familial line.

Crossed Loved Ones: Similar to ancestral, but these guides do not need to be related by blood. They can be friends or acquaintances who have passed before you.

Ascended Masters: Ascended masters are enlightened beings who have, for the most part, had at least one incarnation on Earth. Examples of Ascended Masters include Yogananda, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Confucius to name but a few. Ascended Masters are present across all cultures, genders and religions. Ascended masters have achieved mastery in their particular field or skill-set and so when they come to you, it is to assist you in your development and growth. It is said that Ascended masters can only be felt when you are ready to receive them and their guidance.

Archangels or Angels: There are angels, and then there are archangels. While some have ascribed physical traits or characteristics to specific archangels, they do vibrate on an energetic level and sometimes may appear just as colour, formless or glowing. While often described with wings and a halo, it is believed that what we’re actually witnessing is their wide aura and a glowing and fully open crown (head) chakra.

Personal/Primary: I've used the team "personal guide" to indicate that this is a guide who you know on the other side and who is specifically assigned to you. In “fact”, before you incarnated here, you made an agreement with this being that they would watch over you. They were likely even with you in the pre-birth planning process where you mapped out your goals for this incarnation and for that reason, they are intimately aware of your life path, purpose, and developmental desires. Something else to understand about them is that just because they are your primary guide, doesn’t mean they aren’t also something else to you, an ancestor for example, or even a soul mate (meaning someone you’ve experienced multiple incarnations with and stay close to on the other side).

Professional/Specialized: These guides are experts in their fields. They may have been authorities here on Earth (or elsewhere) and now continue their studies on the other side. These guides come to us as needed to aid in particular situations for certain lengths of time and exit when their job is complete Examples of when a professional guide may step in include when you are changing careers, studying for an important course or learning a new skill. Unlike personal guides, professional guides aren’t likely with us for our entire incarnation. They come when they’re needed, and leave once they no longer are.

Fairies: Fairies, while loving and lovely, are also known for their playfulness which can sometimes be interpreted as being mischievous. Fairies are very much interested in Earth and nature and so they will likely be drawn to individuals whose ideals align - environmentalists, those who love being outdoors and animal lovers.

Goddesses or Gods: Through cultures and mythology, there are many gods and goddesses to speak of. You are probably familiar with some names of gods and goddesses already. Odin, Zeus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana to name but a few.

Animal Guides: Each animal on this planet carries with it energy and symbolic meaning that can aid, guide and protect us. You can easily find through other sources the meanings of the various animals you may encounter and may already feel yourself drawn to some animals more than others.

Elemental Guides: Trees, plants, flowers, minerals and even crystals carry with them an essence and this essence can act as a guide. This energy is definitely unique compared to some of the guides discussed above, as consciousness at this level is different.

Astral (alien) Guides: Many of us have lived incarnations on planets other than Earth. Some of us barely can call Earth our home. On these other planets and in these vast solar systems are beings who may also guide us.

Please note…this is NOT an exhaustive list - just the guide types I am most familiar with. You will probably find that there are even many oracle and tarot decks that cater to some of the types we’re discussed. I’ve seen fairy decks, ascended master and archangel decks and plenty of animal decks to choose from! These can also make great additions to your work with guides and may help narrow down even further who is on your team and what they are helping you with.

Ok - tomorrow we begin the challenge. As a reminder, the prompts are below and you’ll find me on Instagram posting my pulls! Can’t wait to start - and HAPPY NEW YEARs EVE!