Meet Your Spirit Guide - A 31 Day Challenge To Bridge The Connection


In 2016 I ran a challenge on social media called Meet Your Spirit Guide. In the short span of a month, I watched as hundreds of connections formed across the globe between us and our guides who tirelessly cheer us on.

It was eye opening and fun as hell and in January 2019, as a way to kick off the New Year, I’ve decided to bring it back!

I’ve changed up some of the prompts and so I hope some of you who joined in 2016 are keen to dive back in next month. Because we have such vast teams and because 2 years has passed, it’s likely you’ll connect with a new guide this round.

Below, you’ll see a full list of prompts. There are some that may benefit from a bit more explanation and so I will be very active posting to my stories on Instagram to add context to what we’re exploring. There is NO guidebook with this one and so while there is so much to say on the topic, I also want to keep it simple!


Helpful Tips (answers to questions folks have started asking):

  • It’s just a one card pull each day, not a full spread. However, if you’re shuffling and more cards jump out, feel free to use those if that feels right.

  • You can use tarot or oracle for these draws, just make sure it’s a deck that you connect with and that “speaks” to you. I was asked about runes and I would also say for sure. Whatever divination system calls to you, go with that. And feel free to switch it up too as you go!

  • When posting, use #spiritguidechallenge. It’s the same tag we used previously and I’d love to build on what we’ve already started. Also, feel free to go back and check out the posts from the first round - lots of insight to be had!

  • There will be "extra credit" exercises to go deeper with your guide the same way there were the first round. I think there will be 4 in total, but I’m not committed to this piece just yet. Keep an eye on my feed in Jan for more information!

.While I will be sharing as we go in January, I will be going into more detail and depth on my Patreon. I hope to open that space up to really dive into the connections and communications and so if you want to access that at any point, please join me there.

So, are you ready to bridge that connection? I know the intensity of the communication that can come from these exercises and so I encourage anyone with an interest in getting to know their spirit guide team to come on board. There will be lots of support along the way!

Feel free to share this post or save the prompts so you can refer to them when we get started next month. As we get closer to January, I’ll start sharing a little more about what we can all expect.

Can’t wait to get started! If you have questions, leave them in the comments!