Quick Facts:

In a Nutshell: Spirit Guide Enthusiast, Tarot Reader, Intuitive, Empath, Seeker
Favourite Decks: Fountain Tarot, Rider Waite Smith, Zombie Tarot
Astrologically: Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising
Numerology: Life Path 9
Myers Briggs: INFJ
Other Stuff: Lover of space, wine and weird 80's synth pop. Mother to boy + cat

My name is Julia Eve. I'm a 30-something from Southern Ontario and for as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed by all things metaphysical. When I was 10 years old, I received my first tarot deck (The Servants of the Light) and I can still remember spending every weekend trying to commit all the meanings to memory. Yes, I was a bit of a strange kid; still am! Of course, it took years to forge a truly meaningful understanding and relationship with the decks I've acquired, but I had a lot of fun learning along the way.

Why Tarot? Because I love it. Period. It's more than a divination system to me; it's an art form, a communication tool, and one of my greatest inspirations. For me, using tarot isn't about a need to see into the future; it's more of a way to shine a light on myself and see clearly the things I already know. Yes, I do believe that tarot can show us the unknown and the not yet developed, but I like to regard this as providing direction rather than definitives. What this means is that tarot can allude to the probably and the likely however, the future isn't written in stone.

How does tarot work? Nobody can say for certain, but part of my belief system lies in the vast inter-connectivity of all things, and this is what Spiral Sea Tarot is all about. It's the idea that everything and everyone is connected and that the separateness we experience is an illusion created to serve some higher purpose. With this in mind, I believe tarot has the ability to build a bridge that leads to one another, spirit and most importantly, right back to self, thus creating a deeper recognition of who we are and where we're headed.

As for this page, it's a way to contribute my perspective to the conversation and provide heart felt readings to those who seek them. Maybe you're new to tarot and looking to learn, or seasoned and wanting to grow, or perhaps you're lost and seeking direction. For whatever reason you find yourself here, my hope is you can take something to pack in your toolkit to take along your own spiritual journey.