It’s difficult for me to describe who I am and what I do. I often let this space speak for itself as I don’t resonate with many standard labels. “Tarot reader” works, but it doesn’t really tell the whole story. “Intuitive” is accurate, but not exactly specific. So maybe you want to know how I got here? My journey with the cards has been an almost lifelong pursuit. My father and grandmother had a deep interest in all things metaphysical and so growing up, I was gifted many books and divination tools and encouraged to explore.

I’ve been reading for others on and off for many years, and then it was in my 30s that I decided I wanted to take my interest and practice to the next level - seeking to connect with people on a more global scale. It’s been an evolution that has taken me from reading for free, to running a small Etsy shop, to leading workshops, mentoring others and delivering readings now on a regular basis.

I love to read, but I also love to teach and this website is one way to reach many people and share about many topics. I can also be found on Patreon where I share exclusive content for a small monthly fee (you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you). And Instagram is where I write daily/weekly love letters to tarot through a photographic lens. I’ve found through these pursuits that as much tarot has the ability to refine that intuitive muscle, it also has the power to beef up that creative one too.

My personal style is one that allows for a lot of flexibility. I believe in many timelines, multiple possibilities and freewill above all else. That means that tarot can allude to the probable and the likely, but the future is never written in stone. This makes it not only a really interesting tool, but an empowering one too! Readings with me are not scary and I will never dump bad news on you. If I see something coming up that looks tricky, I’ll always position it in a way that is helpful, focusing on what can be done about it and the aspects that are in your control.

I also believe that tarot is a tool like anything else, but the real power comes from within. I think we are all powerful intuitives, Magicians, High Priestesses - whatever. Some of us are born knowing this and some of us just need a reminder.

other random facts:

  • I am a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon and Leo Rising, and I resonate with all of that quite a bit.

  • I use tarot both for divination/exploration as well as intentionally/ritualistically.

  • I have a very lively dream/sleep life. I often lucid dream, experience hypnagogia, have prophetic dreams and lately I’ve been able to connect with crossed loved ones through this state. Also, I blame these things on my Pisces Moon/Moon Square Neptune.

  • I just love aliens!

  • I also love hamsters!

  • I pursued drama for many years, starred in multiple plays and have appeared in many embarrassing catalog photo shoots. I was a terrible actor though, but received lead roles because I do have a fantastic memory.

  • Humour is one of my favourite traits. If you’re funny, I will be able to tolerate the less impressive parts of you.

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time!

Julia Eve


"This was amazing! I loved the in depth look and this reading really left no stone unturned...please know that every word resonated with me." - Janet

"This reading was so helpful and inspiring. I can't wait to work with Julia again!" -Ashley"

"Thank you so much, Julia! As usual, your reading was spot on! It had great information and advice I needed to hear. You are so talented and gifted. Every time I receive a reading from you, it's as if you know me personally even though we've never met, or even had a phone conversation. I greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into these readings and the great detail as well. You are very kind and generous! Thank you again!" -Joy"

"Her reading was incredible, and the advice, wisdom and answers she provided were not only right on the mark, but mind blowing as well. She mentioned things that had only crossed my mind in passing, giving insight and answers to questions I didn't even ask!" -Lori